My first engine casualty.. what happened?

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May 7, 2004
Well, my Hyundai is at around the 100,000 mile point and I hit my first engine casualty. I hadn't driven my car for a month.. then I turn the key, I heear the Starter spinning(Electrical whining).. but my engine is not turning. what could it be? its like the flywheel is not engaging or something. John
You could hit your starter with a big hammer. It may be stuck and not able to pop out to the flywheel. Could also be a dead battery. Steve
You could try and hit the starter solnoid with a hammer as was previously mentioned that might unstick the starter. If hitting the starter does not unstick it i would remove the starter and bench test it. If you can get it unstuck great if not then i would exchange it for a reman especially if you rely on this car as you don't want to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the night with a bad starter [SPAZ!] Also be absolutely sure all the electrical connections to the starter and battery are clean and tight before getting a new starter.
Problem is a lot of times the starter will bench test ok but the heat of the engine affects it. Make sure it's not the battery or charging system first, but you will probasbly need a starter. A lot of times you can find one in a local junkyard pretty cheap off a low mileage wreck and it will hold up better than a "reman." will give you a list from local junkyards.
if it spins and doesn't engage, the bendix or starter solenoid is stuck. Steve and IronDuke4 are on target. Often the grease in the solenoid shaft (which is actually the motor coil in most cases) hardens and sticks. A hammer is a good persuader. once you start it a few times it may soften up and the problem may go away. ...or it may not...keep the hammer handy. If you hear the spinning the starter motor it isn't the battery. Since the only part that normally fails IS the solenoid, I wouldn't bother with a junkyard starter.
9/10 times it is the bendix/solinoid on Delco style units. Either they are bad, need to be lubed or have coroded wireing internaly or externaly. The contacts/terminal on denso style starters usualy goes bad and is made out of copper. They cost about $3-$7 and about 1 hour to fix includeing removal time. I should add that in most cases it is cheaper to buy an aftermarket one then to buy a solinoid from the OEM or a parts store. The contact terminal is not considered a DIY'er job. IF you get an after market one get one with a lifetime waranty if you plan to own this vechile any length of time. Aftermarket starters for imports seldom last more then 2 year's! If you do not car about warranty get the cheapest one you can find!
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