My favorite beach

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Awesome looking water! I want to go for a dip now!

Here is one of my favorite local beaches as seen from Point Reyes in Marin County, CA: the Great Beach (S and N Beach), past Abbott's Lagoon, across Tomales Bay with a view towards Bodega Bay of 'The Birds' fame. You can walk on these beaches all day and see nobody but sea lions and maybe a couple whales' water spouts near the shore. The water is wild and infested with great white sharks that breed at the nearby Farallon Islands. Only the skilled and reckless dare surfing or swimming here. The rip currents and sharks try their best in the water, sneaker waves can get you while walking on the beach! Point Reyes is one of the most windy spots in the US. I've experienced wind gusts of over 120 mph there!



The breakers that you see are probably around 5 m/16 feet tall.

Most tourists and even Californians never go there. They drive just by. Bye-bye!

Nice...nice...nice...nice...nice...have you ever been to Corfu? Nice, but not as pretty as what you have shown us.

You know what was one of the coolest things about Corfu for me was looking across the water to the east at night and seeing
glowing places in the Albanian hills...

Originally posted by pscholte:
have you ever been to Corfu? Nice, but not as pretty as what you have shown us.

Yes, i visited Corfu once in a high school trip. One of the best islands in Greece, great beaches and green!! (plenty of trees)unfortunately it was spring and additionaly the teachers were too scared to leave us play by the sea.
For a strange reason i feel discomfort even to the thought of being in an island. I want to be able to set off for a trip even in the middle of the night not having to worry about winds,ships or bad weather.
The beach(egremnoi) in the above link is located in the island of lefkas or lefkada which is accesable by a small bridge. Perfect solution for me.

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genie, the little bay with the cave in the rocks is great!

This is actually the southern most part of what is known as Rantau Abang. This is where the Giant Leatherbacks come to lay their eggs. Sadly I see these same eggs being sold in the local market I visited later.
It is a protected species. A good reason why I don't go into the water at this beach. It sort of drops off about 50m out. Easier for the turtles to come ashore, drowns unsuspecting tourists easily to be fish food.

Most of the turtles now lay their eggs on Redang or the Perhentian islands. Especially the Perhentian islands. There is this section with lots of green algae growing on the rocks. When there is algae, there will be turtles having a buffet. You don't even need to dive to see them. A snorkel set is all you need.

BTW, if you want to see much better pictures of this beach with the cave, this guy has been there last year and his Flickr photoset has really captured the essence of the place compared to my little prosumer digicam.

You can really see in one picture how the cave is really like in high tide.

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That second picture reminds me of Megan's Bay in St. Thomas,
I was there a couple of years ago, very nice, my wife was cold there, its not warm enough til its really hot outside
I travel frequent to the caribbean, Dominican, thru down to Trinidad & Venesuela.
This is not a caribbean destination however I find it just as beautiful. My summer cabin on the lake. Just yesterday it was so hot out that we brought the lawnchairs out into the water and use the little innertube floats to hold our drinks up.
This is a shot in the evening about 9:30
In 2004 I flew a friend up from Trinidad for a week to take him fishing, he thought that this was heaven because the lake is so clear you can scoop the water up in a cup and drink it.

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