My Father's new toy! (Alfa Romeo Spyder)

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
At 72 my Dad is enjoying his retirement immensely, he bought a 33 foot sailboat a couple of years ago, has travelled to Cuba three times, Italy for three weeks last summer and sailed the British Virgin Islands earlier this year. His latest purchase was quite a last minute thing, one day he told me he wanted another little convertible (he owned a few MGs before I was born), and the next day he came home with this mint 1983 Alfa Romeo Spyder: He bought it from the second owner, who had the car for 20 years and total mileage on the car is only 51,000km! (around 32,000 miles) It even has a header on it and an Ansa exhaust which sounds pretty cool. He only paid $9500 for it, which I thought sounded like a great deal (apparently the car was appraised at $16,000 in 2007)
My cousin had an Alfa, they have a huge oil pan, and his stuck out more than the front wheels. So, you had to be careful pulling up to parking blocks, as you could dent the oil pan! The popularity of these increased after Dustin Hoffman used one in the movie "The Graduate", with the popular song "Mrs Roberson"
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