My Experience with Shell Rotella T 5w-40 Synthetic

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Jan 23, 2004
Bethlehem, Pa
I've never known so much about oil until I found this site! Please see this thread:;f=1;t=005207#000017 I own a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. Mitsubishi 6G72 engine, V6 24V DOHC (twin turbo). The turbos are on their last leg, and are smoking somewhat. I am actually in the process of buying some stock replacements which I hope to have on by this summer to hold her over until I begin to extensively mod her. Anyway after the advice I got in the above thread, I began to use Rotella T 5w40 synthetic. This oil has given me AWSOME results. The engine runs so much smoother, and even sounds smoother. The turbos actually spool a bit faster, and there is less smoking/oil burning compared to what it was before. I have barely driven 300 miles on this oil since I hardly drive the car, however I will get alot more use out of it this Spring/Summer. One day after I took her for a drive I parked the car, turned her off, popped the hood, and opened the oil fill cap on the crankcase. There was hardly any vapor, which tells me this oil can really hold up to high temps. I am very satisfied, and will continue to use HDEO oils in this car, even after I am done rebuilding the motor in a few years. A big thanks goes out to Jelly!
I think you picked one of the best oils for your application. Any 5w-40 synthetic is great for turbo use, and Rotella is a cut above your average Group III 5w-40. [Cool]
Once again this proves a high quality synthetic HDEO like Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40 or Shell Rotella T 5W-40 provide MUCH better results than PCEO in a car or LD truck. Jerry
FowVay - I am very happy with Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40. I will definetly continue using this oil. Drew99GT - The Rotella 5w-40 is a cut above PCEO's in 5w-40. I love this stuff. heyjay - Definetly. I will keep using HDEO's for both of my cars.
I agree that the Rotella-T is a impressive oil. I used to get all tied up in the group3/group4 debates and I would put too much emphasis on this one characteristic of a lubricant. Over the years I've read and watched and learned I too have come to the conclusion that a oils worth needs to be determined in the specific engine. The eye opener for me was when Bob introduced me to Schaeffer's. I would have never in a million years considered a synthetic blend oil over a fully synthetic oil for any reason. Schaeffer's made a believer out of me and it opened my eyes to many of the other products such as the Rotella-T. I'm glad that you have had good success with this oil. After your new modifications you may want to continue using it.
I saw this oil for the first time at a Walmart near by (hate going to walmart). $3.39 qt.
I have high hopes for this oil on extended drains. The price just can't be beat. Even at 10k OCI beats D1 by a good bit on $$/mile. If your application/service handles or requires the weight's a no brainer, IMHO.
I know very few if any on this board use it, but on paper at least, the Valvoline PremiumBlue Extreme 5w-40 appears to be at least as good, if not better than the Shell. Plus there's the whole [Patriot] thingy [Smile] I've got one more summer's worth of Pennzoil HDEO for my MIL's Miata, after that I think I'll try the Valvoline PBE. Dave
Originally posted by buster: I saw this oil for the first time at a Walmart near by (hate going to walmart). $3.39 qt.
I saw that as well; they're finally selling this stuff by the quart at Walmart.
I am using it in my LT1 Caprice with a few mods and really like it, it is smoother and the roller rockers are almost silent, my cammed car has been accused of sounding stock, well till I romp on it anyway [Burnout] . I was going to try GC come spring but from my limited reading here it looks like supply is questionable so I think I might just stick with the Rotella since it has served so well.
I have a gallon of it left over from an oil change on my tractor. But, I can't decide if I should try it on one of my vehicles since they spec a lighter oil--5w-20. Tractor likes it, though. Easier to start.
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