My experience with M1 T&SUV

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May 11, 2004
So I've been running the oil for about 1.5 k miles now after switching from M1 10W-30/15W-50 mix in my LT1 and just wanted to let everyone know how the engine seems to be running with it, these are my personal experiences with it, a UOA is coming at 2k....

- The engine is quieter at startup, but slightly noisier when the engine is warmed up

- The oil pressure is higher at idle, but about the same at higher rpms

- The one thing I just noticed today that makes me very happy is that my engine would make a "cracking" bearing like sound on hot starts, but since I've switched to this oil I have not heard this noise even once

- The oil appears only slightly darker than it was 1k miles ago.

- It takes this oil a little more time to drain down to the oil pan.... i noticed i have to wait a couple more mins before i get an accurate oil level reading

- There has been NO consumption at all so far.

At first I wasnt very happy about the oil because my car seems a bit louder during operating temperature, but then when i noticed the "cracking" start-up sound went away, it made me happy since this is the first oil that has accomplished this. It may be that this oil is a bit thicker having 14.9@100, which would also contribute to the higher pressure at idle. I will be sending a sample to blackstone when the oil hits 2k and will be switching to GC to check out the hype
I wish that GC was slightly thicker, like a 13.5@100, that would be perfect for me since Im afraid that the thinner 12.1@100 will make the startup noise return

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Don't mean to hijack your thread but my car is running very well on Amsoil 5w-40. I'm really surprised bc it feels as good as a 30wt oil. I thought my car would feel sluggish like the D1 was, but it's not at all. Very impressed. I was going to take a sample of the ASL I had in there but I ended up using almost 2qts of makeup oil over 7k miles. Thats 50% of the oil so it's not worth spending $30 on a UOA for that IMO. I'm hoping to get lower oil consumption with the AFL and take a sample.

Why are you changing the SUV oil at only 2k miles? That is an excellent oil and really can be taken out pretty far. I'd also recommend the Amsoil 5w-40 just based on how it feels in a little 1.8L.

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I had great results from Delvac 1 (MTSUV 5W40) for nearly 7K miles. I decided to change it after a towing trip. I would be running it again, but I can't find any Mobil 5W40. So, I'm running GC 0W30.

I will make you all 5W40 converts. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

I had a feeling JB would say something like this.

I'd have no problems using an oil like this in a new domestic V8 engine that seems to do well on a 40wt oil:/Jeep/Dodge/LS1 etc.

It's working suprsingly well in my small 1.8L engine. That is why I'm so impressed bc if any engine would get bogged down by a thick oil, it's this one.
No I'm not on the thicker is better bandwagon, but simply stating that this oil does well in my car for whatever reason. All oils have their place.

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Changing it out at 2k because i want to try out a few oils and do analsis on them all at 2k each because i dont want to wait
Thinking of trying RL 5W-40 and GC.

Grossomotto: any notable differences when you switched from T&SUV to GC? oil pressure drop?
I am on my second D1 OCI in my Toyota 4.5l I-6 and the motor is running noticeably smoother, especially when revving up in neutral it used to have a slight miss that did not change or go away with new plugs/wires/rotor/cap, I am not sure if this can be attributed to the oil or not, (might have been a SFI kink that worked itself out) looking under the filler cap there is the expected layer of tan/brown varnish D1 has had no noticeable effect on it yet, not sure if it ever will but maybe it will prevent new formation

I have a sample of the first OCI that I have not sent in yet, not sure if the info would be very useful as it was the first Syn OCI the 100K motor had seen, as far as I can tell from receipts the Previous owner used dino from the dealer early in life and quick lube places later on
Hey Buster,

Have you tried any treatments to reduce the consumption?

BTW,I tried a 15W40(Delo)in my Corolla and it felt really sluggish,like a heavy load in the trunk.The engine quieted down compared to M1 5W30 though.
I actually had a dissapointing experience with M1 T&Suv in my 03 Silverado 5.3. Colds startup was a racket! It sounded like it was starving for oil. Warm start ups were not as bad but worse than I remember with M1 5-30. I ended up dumping it at 2000 miles because I couldn't stand the sounds. Went back to 5-30 and I don't notice the sounds hardly at all. Maybe it was just me???? I really thought the oil would do well in the 5.3 and it looks like there are plenty of people who are satisfied with it.
Interesting, your experience is the reverse of mine, i saw more startup noise with m1, but then again my m1 blend was much thicker than your 5W-30....
I agree they are both great oils, which is why i have a supply of both sitting at home. Also thinking of trying Schaeffer's, but I've always been kinda steering away from blends. So many great oils, yet so little time to try them all out! So far this is my list of UOA's I plan on doing sometime in the future....

M1 T&SUV (coming soon)
Schaeffer's Supreme 10W-30/15W-40 mix
Redline 5W-40
RP #41
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