My cars (toy cars unfortunately)

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Dec 30, 2006
I was here bored at the house,and thought I`d take a few pics of my growing car collection. Hope yall like!


This one`s for BuickGN

I'm envious of the 300zx's. I have a few toy cars as well. An Initial D Toyota Sprinter Trueno, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Honda CRX, Nissan 350z, Nissan 240sx, Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Nissan Skyline 2000gt, Jaguar XJ220, Chevy Corvette (C4), a JGTC Nissan Fairlady Z (350z) from Japan and my personal favorite, an Acura Integra GS-R
Wow nice collection, you didn't even open them and kept them in the box. Hey if you can't afford the real thing this the next best thing. I've never seen the World Class collection series before, I'm guessing there is a total of 6 cars from different countries, in this case the 300ZX is Japan.

I like Matchbox cars since they tend to look more original and real. Some of the Hot Wheels look more customized. I'm going to try to post some pictures from my collection.
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I should count mine. I started to buy one or two to reward myself after I take exams. But I take them out of the package once I get home. Can't resist.

I've always wanted a 7th gen Civic but Mattel never made one. Now I want a 5th gen Maxima. I don't think they ever made one of those either.
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Very cool.

I have NIB Hot Wheels Ferrari - maybe 6 or so models. I have not even looked at them for like 10 years. I'll see if I can make time to snap some photos today.
I still have all my vintage toy cars that I got when I was a kid back in the 70`s (I was born in `69) stored at my dad`s with the rest of my stuff. I`ll have to dig them out someday. They`re definitely NOT mint! I played with those bad boys!!!!!

I just bought a 3-pack Matchbox World Class car lot on Ebay for $17 and free shipping. It has a Supra,RX-7,and a 3000GT Spyder :^) Can`t wait to get those!!!!!
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I'm admiring the records!

Thanks! Yeah,I have a huge collection. Probably a few thousand lps and 45s,all original copies ranging from around 1959-1970 or so. Mostly 60s garage/psych stuff. Only late 50s stuff are the Ricky Nelson lps. I really dig Ricky!!!!!! GREAT singer! My gf really likes him and she got me digging his music. I bought a few lps today at this antique shop.....He1l`s Angels `69 (soundtrack),Wild Angels II (sountrack),Candy (soundtrack w/the Byrds and Steppenwolf),and an lp by The Fortunes.

Cars,oil,women,cervezas,and music!
I HATE looking through the "field guide" of HW and MB I saw at the library because I see ones from the '70s range I no longer have.

I have the black Grand National, but am trying to get rid of most of my 1/18 cars and 1/24 stock cars because a trailer sure isn't made for people whom like to collect diecasts (no room or real walls for shelves). The only ones I'm keeping are cars from movies and tv. I do have a couple stock Mustangs also since they are my fave Fords.
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The only ones I'm keeping are cars from movies and tv.

Speaking of movie/TV cars,I`ve been trying to find the Lincoln Mark III from the movie The Car (which was one of my fave movies as a kid!). I used to see them everywhere,but now that I want one,they`re no where to be found
My wife found it for me on ebay. I don't have the Ecto 1 But do have a '59 hearse in general. Besides a glass case, I'd like to get the "Real" Batmobile (ie '66 Batmobile) 1/18 and a reasonable facsimile of the BMW from The Transporter. A Charger cop car and a Mustang ('06 up) cop car would be sweet, also. I already have KITT and a stock DeLorean, I don't plan on the BTTF ones, however.
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Here are some of mine. They're not as pristine as yours






Sweet planes!!!!!!!! I had a bunch of those when i was a kid. We played with them though and destroyed them,unfortunately. Something interesting I have........a friend of mine I had in elementary school (probably back in the mid-70s) gave me this HUGE all-metal orange Braniff Boeing 747. It`s so big it will barely fit in a closet. I still have that thing and it`s in excellent shape! I often wonder where he got it.
I collect most of the diecasts in our family, while my wife has the plane collection. Though she has the 1/18 Camaro concept looks like Bumblebee and I have an SR-71 and Airwolf.
Here is part of my collection. Usually if I walk by the toy section and see something cool I'll buy it. Some of these cars I have had kept survived from when I was a kid and destroyed everything.



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I like the Northwest 727 (?) and whatever that United is. How old is the American 747? American hasn't had a 747 since the -100 series right?
Yeah the Northwest is a Boeing 727, got it as a gift its How Wings brand. The United is a Boeing 767, I got it way back in elementary school (~15 years ago) along with the American Airlines 747. I don't remember what brand was it though. The paint scheme on there is white color, I'm not sure if back then American Airlines used that color paint or was it silver.
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