My buddy started a HP synth spec database. Comments, additions?

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Nov 3, 2002
He has the specs for GC and Fuchs, still waiting to be entered. I believe I gave him the M1 SUV specs too. Some Schaeffer's 229.3 oil belongs there too, eh? This was his idea, not mine. I still have 7 cases of GC to go, not currently oil shopping. I told him to look at some UOAs too. The ultimate database would link right to UOAs with a list of different autos right there. Oh well, someone elses' project. [Big Grin] [ June 04, 2004, 11:28 PM: Message edited by: Audi Junkie ]
Some of the data on amsoil dont look right? It shows the pour point of AMS 5w40 at -31. I think it is closer to -55! the VI of AMS S 20W50 is lower than the AMS 5w40 which doesnt make any sense!
The pour point for Amsoil (that's the company name) AFL 5W-40 is -51°F, so -31 must be a typo (he could add units too) but I prefer cold crank numbers but sometimes they are hard to compare. Amsoil VI numbers do make sense.
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