My 4th cordless 1/2in impact, IR 20v 1500lb rated

Jun 4, 2013
After 4 cordless impacts, I know how fake the advertised nut busting torque is. I remove/install a couple thousand lug nuts a year, and always liked using a cordless impact. The first one I bought 16 years ago was a Milwaukee 18V rated for like 275ftlb, and it couldn't remove a 80ftlb lug nut, so I just loosened everything by hand and used it to just run the nut off, and on. Got tired of that after 3-4 years and bought the new Ingersoll Rand 19.2V rated for like 450ftlb, and it couldn't bust loose a 140ftlb nut, but it like the next 2 had the extended anvil which is a must have for wheel work, since you can use flip sockets, and not need a power robbing extension. Anyway, 3-4 years later IR came out with a W7000 20V rated at 780ftlb, and that one has worked great, except it couldn't remove grossly over torqued nuts that needed a 3 foot cheater. After lots of use, it seemed to be down on power slightly, and would coast to a stop instead of braking, which was annoying. So I bought the new W7250 rated for 1500ftlb. No matter what they claim, this thing is a beast with 4 power settings, with a hand tight shutoff, a wrench tight shutoff near 100ftlb, and 50%, full power modes. You sure wouldn't want to use full power to tighten anything, or you will probably break something. After using it for a couple weeks now, it blasts the lug nuts right off, and with the torque shutoff mode I can easily initially tighten the lug nuts to where it only takes 1/4 turn or less of movement with the torque wrench. I just bought the tool only for $318 since I could use my old battery/charger.

I got the same tool except the short drive. Upgraded 3 times from their previous generation models and this one is great. Lots of power and lots of features. Only downside is it's a bit heavier than my last one.
I'm pretty happy with my setup. Dewalt DCF899 - high torque. Milwaukee m12 fuel stubby impact weighs 1/2 as much use it 90% of the time.. I also have a dewalt mid-torque which is decent but the m12 stubby replaced it Milwaukee has a newer high torque impact(2767-20) that is even more impressive than their last model which was competitive with my dewalt dcf899. that IR looks pretty good.. and the ergonomics of having the head at an angle vs 90degrees is nice. The only downside to the dewalt is its BIG and HEAVY. The stubby will take off lugnuts in 1-2 secs max.. not quite the instant of the high torque. I'm sure it would struggle on lugnuts much over 100ft-lb. (ex: 140ft-lb truck lugnuts) but its just so nice and light to use. There are a bunch of impacts that get the job done now.. if I was in the market I'd get whatever fit my battery system.
So what are the recommended sockets.. I really only need a 19mm to replace this one that failed today. Since that is what I use 90% of the time.. I was putting the blizzak winter set on the jeep. started raining hard.. I didnt realize the socket failed immediately because of the sleeve.. and ruined 2 of the junky 2 piece lugbolts. I will probably just upgrade to 1piece forged style vs buying 2 factory lugbolts that are the crimped on cap design that get rusty and swell up. [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
OP, glad someone else has experienced relatively high torque rated impacts not being able to remove some lugs. I think it has more to do with chemical seizure than overtorquing though, IMO. Nice impact! I had an IR and it was a nice gun. Sold it for decent money when I changed to a Milwaukee kit.
I always use the manual 4-sized lug wrench for the wheels until I decided to buy this Model # XWT08Z IMP WRENCH for $197.10 with military discount last summer from HD. I haven't gone back to the manual wrench since. Learned a painful lesson using this impact to remove a bolt that was rusty; snapped off and had to drill it out. Pretty good deal compares to IR and I already have batteries from other drills.
Nice. I've not used the IR cordless impacts. The Milwaukee 2767 should be comparable and the breadth of M18 tool coverage is 10 fold. On something like a car/light truck lug/nut if it won't spin off the 2767 will eventually just shear the fastener in question. And yeah, the M12 stubby stuff is an all-around ninja, working for 90% of automotive work, in the engine bay or out, including most lug nuts
I just picked up a metabo impact from Lowe's who somebody pointed out was on sale. I did a brake job on the Nissan last night and it had no problems with 85 ft lb lugs. Best part is it was $50. It's small, light and I was able to get the somewhat rusted caliper mounting brackets off with it and figured I'd need a breaker bar.
Interesting. My $99 Kobalt 3/8 rated at 150 ft lbs zips off my lug nuts torqued to 110ft lbs without difficulty. I also have the 1/2 same size but rated at 200 ft lbs that while struggles took off both of my axle nuts torqued to 200 ft lbs (torqued them myself last time I changed the hubs). EVERYTHING else I've had to take off (ball joint castle nuts, Leaf springs shackle bolts, shocks, brakes, drive shaft etc) either spin off like they aren't even tight. I also have the larger 1/2 rated at 650 but haven't HAD to use it yet. Between those, a $70 Chinese cordless Milwaukee ratchet knock off from Amazon and 1/4 impact driver (also Kobalt) with wire wheel and assorted attachments I can't even talk myself into air or more powerful impacts.
Well if you are not in a hurry you can try impact then hit with PB Blaster and repeat. I did this for a few days and got a rusty trailer lug nut off. I busted one on another trailer lug nut using a 6' pipe on a wrench and ended up having a machine shop take it out and put in a heli-coil.
Sweet! The fiancée just got me a DeWalt DCF899M1 for Christmas. Rated at 700 ft/lbs torque and 1200 ft/lbs breakaway torque. Looking forward to trying them out on her Civic when I get the Continental VikingContact7 winter tires for it. Also when I rotate tires on my Tacoma. I figure it'll be overkill for those vehicles. The one you got looks heavy-duty! That wrench-tight setting would be very handy. My DeWalt has 3 settings - I need to read up on what torque each setting approximates to. That extended anvil also looks really handy. Wonder if I could put one of those on mine.
I have the latest 2767-20 Milwaukee with claimed 1400 lb-ft nut busting tq. I ran into some over torqued lug nuts a couple months ago on a truck, and to my surprise, the Milwaukee would NOT take them off, even with a shortie 1/2 impact socket! We tried another guy's Milwaukee, same result.

Another tech with the latest Snap On 1/2" impact (CT-9075 I believe) rated at 1100 or 1200 lb-ft took ALL the lug nuts off without hardly an extra second of hammering! I tried for 8-10 seconds straight, multiple time with my Milwaukee, and they didn't budge! Needless to say, for once.....I was VERY impressed with Snap On! Now.....I couldn't justify the $850 or whatever that thing cost for the extra punch (compared to $299 for my Milwaukee!), but I can say their cordless impact is the real deal!!