My 1998 30v V6 calls for SF/SG oil???

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Nov 3, 2002
I've not really looked at my manual in a while, but a discussion w/ a fellow BitOGer made me look if Audi had called for any relavent specs beyond API. There were none, but it was wierd to see SF or SG as the recommended grade. It's a complex 30v non-turbo engine that someone here (guess who) suggested only synth w/ VW 502 spec. Wow, can I really run my car on this and save $.50c a quart? That comes out to $3 less money wasted per change! 7500 mile intervals and API SF, how can I go wrong? [Big Grin] No wonder 1.8t guys have sludge!!! [Frown]
My '96 Audi manual has the typical ambient temp chart with columns for synthetic and semi/dino oil. The US chart replaces the VW 500 spec oil with "energy conseving, friction-modified oil" and replaces the VW 501.00 column with "multigrade oil." The Starburst certification is indicated as required and so is API SF or SG. "Energy Conserving II" is indicated as desireable, but not as required. There is warning about use of 5W-30 multigrade at high temperatures or for high speed driving. Ever since I bought the car in '96 I stuck with the supplemental information given in the Consumer Information section of the manual, because, A I am European, and B, I my driving style is the same here and in Europe. On page 184 it says: ENGINE OIL Due to higher speeds permitted in Europe, use only the following good quality oils or high performance oils while operating you vehicle in Europe: GASOLINE ENGINE SPECIFICATION: VW 500 00 or VW 501 00 These specifications must apear on the oil container. When selecting these oils, refer to the temperature chart in he owner's manual. If these oils are not available, the oils mentioned in the owner's manual can be used in an exceptional case. Translation: Non-Euro owners, please use oil that we will allow only in emergency situations in Europe. We want you to buy a new car soon! Or maybe Audi thought nobody in the US drove over 55 mph.
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