My 1991 monaco overheated one day when a hose broke

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Jan 3, 2003
Kansas City,Mo
after that day oil consumption went from about 1200 miles per quart to 500 miles per quart did that hose braking have something to do with the increase in oil consumption?
Yes, It was probably connected. when you overheat you can cause several problems. 1. toast valve stem seal so that they dont work anymore. 2. Mess up cylinder seals by causing rapid wear, oil goes by the rings. 3. Wearing main and rod bearings, causing more oil to be put on the cylinder walls and creating more problems for oil rings to attempt to control. 4. Rings can become brittle from overheating. The only way they have to get rid of heat is thru the cylinder walls and thru the piston. Overheat both avenues of heat exchange and the rings can over heat. could be any one of these or a combination of any or all. Dan
How long did you drive with the vehicle overheating? Is this the 3.0 PRV V6? Have you changed the baked oil since the overheating episode?
This is the one circumstance where synthetic oil would have probably preserved your engine. Its probably the single most important that I use it in my wife's car and daughter's car. I hate to say this but I have told them both that if they get into an overheat situation where pulling off the road would put them at risk-just drive the vehicle to a point that they can safely get help. The engine can be replaced. Lives can't. [Frown]
I drove it about 10 minutes the needle was just a hair under the hot mark I thought it would be alright I guess I was wrong. the engine is the 3.0 liter I heard it was a bulletprof engine but I did not mean to put it to the test. [ July 04, 2003, 12:19 PM: Message edited by: huxley7 ]
I would try soaking the pistons with lube control as Molkule has recomended in the past. If you are really lucky you just cooked the oil and gummed up the rings!! In the future if you have a coolant failure instead of driveing it do one of the fiollowing. Walk if conditions allow it. THe next alternative is also acceptable. Pull over right away and let the engine cool. Then strat it up and drive 2 miles and shut it off. Then once it has cooled start it up and drive another 2 miles. You can repaet this process almost indefinatly. The key is to allow the engine to cool until it is cold. Driveing with out coolant is one of the hardest things you can do to an engine!!!!
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