Mustang GT Tire Suggestions

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Jun 8, 2004
Hillsborough, N.C.
Well, it's getting time to replace the Goodyears on Mama's baby! Size 245/45ZR/17. I have been studying the different tire brands and see there are tires priced from $80 to $250 range. I, myself, prefer Michelins, however, as you know, they are at the top of the price range. Keep in mind that the GT is driven by a little retired school teacher who rarely takes advantage of the available power it has to offer. Then, there's me! When I "get" to drive it, I blow the soot outta the pipes! So, I'm thinking an Ultra High Performance All Season tie will probably work well on this vehicle. Any thoughts? Suggestions? [Patriot]
I am running Kumho ASX tires on my '95 mustang GT. I like 'em! 10k miles, and I think I can easily get another 20-30k out of them. They are quiet, good in the rain, and they ride and handle well. No tramlining either. For the money, you cannot beat these tires! If handling is top priority, the sidewalls are a bit soft, but I like that feature, as 95% of my time is spent driving "normal" and not looking for max performance. The soft sidewalls give a good ride.
I agree w/ novadude on the Kumho Ecsta ASXs. But if potential longevity is also important, check out the Yokohama Avid H4S(specs:500 treadwear/AA traction/A temp.). Its also supposed to have good wet road characteristics and a quiet ride.
My friend has a 2005 Mustang GT. It came equipped with the Pirell Pzero Neros, which are excellent tires. Consider them.
UHP A/S is probably a good category as it offers decent balance between performance and treadlife. Go up to UHP summer, and you gain more grip and better steering response, but you lose treadlife and possibly ride comfort. Go down to regular touring A/S, and the opposite happens. A few years back, Dunlop SP5000 used to be an excellent UHP A/S tire. Not sure if it's still available.
Bridgestone RE950, i like these tires, but they are $186 in 245/45/17; you can get better tires for that price, in my opinion. If i were going to spend that much, i'd get UHP summer tires like the SO-3; they still grip excellent in the rain. I've heard some good things about the Avon Tech M550 a/s, those are about $113ea for a 245/45/17. I've also heard great things about the BF Goodrich Traction T/A, excellent grip, not-too-soft sidewalls for good lateral grip and steering feel. These are about $123ea in an H speed in 245/45/17. Also, i've heard nothing but good things from audi, bmw and mercedes drivers about the Pirelli PZero Nero M&S. $140ea in a 245/45/17.
Also consider the Continental ContiExtremeContact and the new Bridgestone Potenza G009. The Conti is a great choice if you drive in an area that gets a good bit of rain throughout the year. It's about as good a 4 season UHP all season tire gets, from what I've been told. The Bridgestone takes some of the design from their RE750 and RE950 and offers it in a more affordable tire. Probably not as good for 4 season driving but a well made tire nontheless. Lots of really good choices in this size. Have fun shopping!
I love my Avon Tech M550's from tirerack... got mine in 275/40R17! ES100s are great, just not in snow.
Thanks for all your suggestions! I went with the AVON Tech 550 A/S in the 245/45ZR/17 size. Stiffer sidewall than the Gatorbacks, plus rim protectors. Real responsive steering. They seem to be what I was looking for, a middle of the road tire, for an everyday driver. They look great on the GT also.... Ordered them from Tire Rack, a first for me, I always like to put my hands on what I'm purchasing! Found an authorized installer not more than 6 miles from the house. Great fellow, clean shop, new up todate equipment AND, he's one of "us", gave him the website address so he can join in the discussions.
I can recommend either the Bridgestone S03s or the Michelin PS2s for high performance driving, or the Bridgestone RE950s for family car driving with verve. In any event, you can go to tire rack and look up the various tire performance catagories and see which tires are getting the most praise via the comparitive database Tire Rack shows.
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