MT - What Is the Optimum Engine Oil Temperature?

yeah, I have the actual Cummins part book,instead of the OEM parts list and it just lists a switch.. so that is how Cummins Inc sent engine to Mopar for final assembly. I used to have access to Cummins Quickserve, used engine serial number and CPL # to print myself a parts book for the engine.. beauty of Cummins is even thought they ship the engine to Mopar and Mopar warrants the stuff, you can buy parts direct at any authorized Cummins Distributor. all you need to know is the serial number of the engine and you save some money, mopar marking the parts up from Cumminsprices.
My ‘06 Cummins Dodge had a OPS switch (not a sensor one), and it failed once, scared the daylights out of me to see the gauge pegged on zero, and warnings all over the place. But once I realized I still had a full sump & non-collapsed lifters, just went & put in a new one. Pretty sure my F-450 7.3 IDI is the same way-stupid.