MSDS Mega List--Warren Distribution

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Oct 22, 2003
By Detroit
All kinds of automotive products including motor oil (Citgo, Kendall, Mobil, Valvoline, ...), oil additives, spray lubes, etc. in this link.

This one really gets me:
CD2 MAXX Oil Treatment
Hydrotreated spent lube oil (petroleum) CAS 64742-58-1 70-80%

What is "spent lube oil," used recycled oil?
spent is spent.
Sorry don't know. Probably used..I guess
Who would by Warren anyways
It's Warren Distribution, not Warren Oil. The MSDS list has all kinds of oil that we commonly use (as listed in my first post, also Conoco, Ford, Mystik, Pennzoil), and many other products from additives, spray oils, carb cleaners, to car wax.
It's good to see some "spent" oil being used....TallPaul, I guess you got hoodwinked into using some used oil with the CD2MaxOilTreatment. Wonder what other treatments or products on the market using "spent" oil? Just cause it was spent does not mean it can't be brought back to a useful life?
Only thing is, I didn't get MaxxOil Treatment. I got CD-2 Street Legal High Performance Oil Boost with 4500 ppm zddp. However, there may be nothing wrong with spent oil.
Either way I would think the consumer needs to know the ingredents and msds's are not alway's easy to get. The food industy has gone through this growing pain and the Fed's have had to step in to inform the consumer. I personally don't have any problems with recycled products that have been brought back to a useful life.
MSDS is just that. It is not a list of ingredients nor is it meant to be.

"Spent oil" is exactly what it sounds like. Its been hydrotreated(recycled re-refined oil).
Nothing wrong with recycled oil. It might even be better then the original oil since it has be reprocessed.

What is "spent lube oil," used recycled oil?

Lube Oil is lubricating oil used in industrial machinery - large air compressor crankcases, steam and gas turbine lube systems and other heavy machinery. It is not exposed to combustion products like internal combustion engine oil isand it generally does not see the temperatures or contaminants that engine oil does. "Spent" simply means that it's reached the end of it's useful life and has been drained. End of life is determined by contaminant level, moisture level, loss of activity of the additives and so on. Lube oil generally sees service life in the thousands of hours (continous duty), compared to perhaps 80 - 200 hours for PCMO.

It gets collected and sent to a recycling facility. If it gets sent to a re-refiner, then it's going to get tossed into the mix with a lot of used motor oil and eventually get refined back into a base stock. It could also get recycled to be burned as a waste fuel, sprayed onto dusty roads for dust control at mining facilities or country roads, etc.

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