MS Publisher 2013: deleting an "odd" page?

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Oct 12, 2005
Da Swamp
Are there any experts in MS Publisher 2013? I have a booklet which is supposed to be 12 pages, 3 sheets of four half-pages each. However, there is a half-page sitting at page 1, making 13 in all. If I click "delete" on it, the half-page remains, but the text that was on half-page 2 moves up -- in other words, there are now 12 pages, with a half-page on 1 and another on 12! Publisher seems to think I *must* have this half page in this document, no matter what. If I try to create a new blank booklet-style document, with the intent of copying the wanted 12 half-pages over, Publisher starts me off helpfully with 4 half-pages. But they're arranged in the same pointless way, 1 half-page, a sheet with 2 more half-pages, and 1 more half-page, instead of 2 sheets with 4 half-pages on each. This document was originally created in Publisher 2007, and was okay in Publisher 2010, but I've "upgraded" to Win 7 and Publisher 2013 in the last few months, and now this document won't print correctly. Any help would be appreciated!
Update, Well, it appears I can't delete that "odd" first page. But the key to successful printing of the booklet was (pun intended) two-fold: to set the printing properties sheet to "side-fold, half-sheet" and "Print on both sides (flip sheets on long edge)." Then I can select pages 2-13 to print, thus skipping the black first page, and voila, Bob's yer uncle. Durned if I understand it, but there it is. . . .
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