Mr Robenstein, Triumph Daytona 675 Se ?

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Aug 28, 2011
What's your take on this bike ?

"Special Edition Daytona that has been converted into a Street Triple" to me means he trashed the body and it was cheaper not to replace it.

What would you think that bike is worth ?


BTW, I heard one of these howling down the road one lonely night, got to be the best sounding bike next to the Honda CBX1000.
Is seller asking 3800.00 or 5K?
In the header, 5K is stated, but in the body, seller writes 3800.00 OBO.
In either case, that would exceed the value of the car the bike is parked next to.
Why not ask seller why the original bodywork was removed?
You're probably right that it got trashed in a mishap.
Under 4K seems pretty cheap for one of these machines.
It may have been laid down, hard to tell as I cannot see the other side. If it was not laid down, it seems to be awful cheap for a 2010. Does not state mileage on the ad. Probably something goofy going on with it. Personally I don't care for the looks. It would be faster than a Street Triple as the Daytona bikes are in a more stout state of tune.

The three cylinder Triumphs do have a nice sound to them. The older 885cc Triumph Thunderbirds, Adventurers, and Legend TT's are also very nice sounding albeit more mild in performance than the 675 bikes.
Haven't been able to get in touch with the seller. I agree the ad is all over the place on they aren't the best looking without the body.

Thanks to all.
The original price was 5k. I suspect he didn't get many takers, so he lowered it to 3.8k. It also says he'd take $3600. Might have been wrecked and put back together with used parts,might have a salvage title, or might just be beat to death or have mechanical issues. If your interested go look at it and see what the deal is for yourself.,,
When it was new it had an MSRP of 10k. Triumphs tend to hold their value pretty well compared to Japanese bikes. My 2011 still books for 80% of what it was new even with the mileage I have put on it. Low retail on that bike is 6k according to NADA with average retail being almost 8k.
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