Mr. Moly

I've never used Mr. Moly but here's my take: It appears to be the MoS2 form which is the insoluble form of moly. I would use this as a FM/AW additive in a gear lube but not in and engine or auto transmission. The more soluble organic MoDTC form is what I'd use in an engine. I use a MoDTC additive in the engine of my Acura because I'm convinced (mistakenly or not) by the hype that Honda engines thrive on Mo rich oil. Can't say that I've noticed any benefits or problems boosting the Mo content of my oil but psychologically I feel better about doing so. [I dont know] My 2¢


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Thanks for your input Blokey. I hear a lot about the benefits of Moly here and I have no reason to doubt its benefits. I was kinda thinking of getting a can of it or two and doing a VOA on it to see what we can in there, then try it out in the engine and doing a UOA from there. However, I dont want to be throwing something in there that will be detrimental. Furthermore, I have a by-pass oil filter system (Amsoil Dual Remote) on my car and I have concerns that the bypass filter will pull all that stuff out before it has any time to do any good. I tried emailing them but it keeps failing to go through. I was hoping they could tell me whether or not it would be pulled out by the bypass filter.