Moving used oil to another car

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Jan 26, 2003
I've got a high milage Mercury Grand Marquis. Recently changed the oil in it using Mobil 1 synthetic. It now smokes worse and leaks worse than before. I thought it might do that but was willing to take a chance. The oil has been in the car for 4 days now with no more than 120 miles on it. Would it be ok to drain the oil and reuse it in my other car? The other car is mechanically sound with no leaks to cause smoking or extrernal leaking. Obviously I'll use a new filter but will the oil bo ok to use. I hate to throw it away considering the cost.
Drain and use in another car.

Try Castrol GTX long Mileage for the Merc or go higher in viscosity, at least to 10W30 for the Merc.
You could if the drain pan, etc are super clean.

There is another way to look at it, though. Yeah the synthetic is leaking more - but the smoking etc could be due to cleaning effects. So if the oil isn't pouring out, keep the synthetic in for a few thousand miles as a cleaner, then flush and dump. After that change to a good dino oil of your choice such as Delo 400
What weight Mobil1?
Did engine have normal previous maintenance? Is there any sludge buildup in the engine?

It is impossible to move oil from one vehicle to another without adding contamination(I don't care how clean your bucket/undercarriage/funnel/...are).
Don't do it unless you don't mind sand in the other engine.

Use the 0w40. I think that than XXw30 is a little thin on a higher mileage Ford.

Top off oil burnage/leakage with 15w50 during the regular change interval that you have chosen.

Originally posted by unDummy:

Top off oil burnage/leakage with 15w50 during the regular change interval that you have chosen.

I agree with this advice. I bet by the time you've topped it up with one or two quarts of this thicker stuff, the consumption will have gone down by quite a bit.
Why bother, just add something different if its using oil.

I would not take the chance of using used oil in a good engine no matter what. Too risky, you could have contamited oil already.
Thanks for everyones reply. I've decided to let the oil stay in the car for awhile to take advantage of the cleaning effect it will have. Now that its leaking more I'll just have to fix that. The smoking is partially(maybe totally) caused by the valve stem seals leaking. Its common on the high milage 4.6 V8's.

Anyway thanks again for everyones suggestions.
Marshall, I think you are right about those seals. Those in the 1990s 4.6 V8s would go at around 60,000 - 80,000 miles. Consumption would jump from almost nothing in 3,000 miles to almost a quart every 1,000 ... even 20W50.

I'd consider topping off the oil with straight weights until consumption/leaking stabilizes.

Are you actually seeing leaking under the car? Dad's Merc never did that ... but it did use quite a bit of oil from around the 80,000 mile mark until he abandoned it at 132,000.

--- Bror Jace
Yeah Bror, the leakage under the car has been very slow for many months. I just never bothered to look at it close. With the samll amounts leaked it was easier to keep an eye on the oil level and top off when needed. But the synthetic Mobil 1 has really started it leaking. The car has 150K miles so its time for some leakage control. Provided the transmission(another weak spot on these cars) holds up I'm sure the car will goto 200K with no major problems.

I looked at the site and found a common seal that leaks on the 4.6 V8 was the one between the oil filter housing and block. Pretty cheap part but you have to drain the engine. So much for saving the oil but in the great scheme of things much cheaper than an engine. I'm gonna put the car on a rack this weekend and fine the source of the leak and go from there.
Well, I decided to park the car untill I get the oil leaked fixed. Ends up being the seal/gasket between the oil filter housing and the engine thats leaking so bad. I have to drain the oil for the repair so I'm back to putting new oil in the car after the repair. I may still run the same type of oil thats in just for the cleaning effects it will have, even if its still smoking.

What benefits would the Auto-RX have running it in the car?
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