Moving tips?

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Oct 4, 2007
Oahu, Hawaii
We'll be moving in a few weeks and do you guys have some tips on how to move? It's not a long distance move, only within a mile in the same town, just to stop paying the mandatory flood insurance fees.
Rent as big a vehicle as you can. One or two uhauls bigger than you think you need. Don't spend all day driving back and forth or trying to wedge a bunch of junk in nooks and crannies of a too small vehicle.

If you're still at the age where your buddies will show up if you ask them to help move, ask about 8 of them.

They all show up, and it takes about 30 minutes to dump it all in one huge truck, drive there, 30 more minutes of unloading. Done. It's all over before it started.

That's what I learned moving twice a year for 7 years of university.

I'd go to offices, supermarkets, etc. and get boxes. Paper boxes work great - theyre an excellent size, strength, and are easy to handle.

Pack up as much as you possibly can and take it over in small waves, if possible... being across town, it should be.

You never have enough people to help or space to move. In my experience, it is either raining or excessively hot on the day of the move. Prepare for either the day before.
I agree with JHZR2 get lots of boxes and label them with everything in them. That way you will be able to unpack and put things away as time allows. Make sure you have food and something to drink for the helpers ---- no beer until the job is finished.
Make sure the helpers understand there's pizza, beer, coffee, donuts, and cute girls! Otherwise they'll all get sick!
If you can talk your office out of some "Bankers Boxes" they work really well. Manageable to carry, flip top lids and each identical size. They stack really well and work out well for long term storage of just about anything.
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Check the weather!!!!

Lucky for the OP, weather is one thing he usually won't have to worry about.
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