Moving on from Castrol 0w-30 shortly in the Golf.

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Jun 12, 2010
Having just changed the oil in three of our family cars using a blend of Valvoline Syn/Conv. 5w-20/30 and Mobil 10w-30 oil, I needed to top off (a slight amount) in one of the cars and I used my Castrol (German made) 0w-30. Compared to the other oils it was like molasses in winter. I have enough of the GC 0w-30 for one more OC in the VW Golf 2.5L then I'll be using my stash of (18) 1 Qt. bottles of Pennzoil 5w-40 "Euro" formula for the next 3 OC's. I'm really curious how the two will compare! Advance Auto had a great deal on this oil. $35 less $10 MIR + Fram Ultra filter.
my girlfriends 08 jetta 2.5L got a steady diet of Amsoil 10-30 signature series with yearly changes, never added except at the 6 mo filter change. real group IV synthetics flow great in colder Pa weather + protect better. no need for 0 or 5 w oils unless using inferior waxy mineral oils, group III is best of that type. changed at 6 months cost is similar to amsoil yearly. my 01 jetta 1.8T seen 200,000 miles like that before trading in, 20" of vac on the vac boost gauge at trade in!!!
Not open for further replies.