Motul good for 10k mile OCI?

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Jan 2, 2006
Wilmington, DE
I just started using Motul 8100 E-tech 0W-40 in my 2002 VW W8 Passat (8 cylinders) and toying with the idea of 10k mile OCI.

The VW manual says 10k mile OCIs, but prior to the Motul I've always done them at 5k since the dealer used castrol syntec 5W-40.

But now that I'm using a true synthetic (grp V), thinking of going to the 10k mile OCI. I'm still in warranty, so 10k OCIs would be my limit. Just don't know if I'd be creating problems. I had one service tech tell me I risk sludging with the 10k mile OCI. What's the consensus?
Basically take old oil syntec(which I still have) and send it in for an analysis? When should I have the motul analyzed?

I wouldn't be so anal about this, but when that tech said sludging I started to wonder. But the W8 is not your average engine, and alot of VW techs don't know crap about them. So maybe he was thinking of the 1.8t turbo.

Maybe he just doesn't understand the difference between motul and castrol with respect to OCIs?
Be careful about taking samples....clean mid stream does it. But you're right. send in a sample and see what happens. You're using good oil, but just be sure. After all that W8 must be expensive to fix if something goes wrong.

Be careful about taking samples....clean mid stream does it.

Can you elaborate on how to take samples? I've never done it and have no idea where to extract the oil sample from. Thanks.
Take the bottle from the test kit (like the ones that Blackstone sends you), and fill it with oil pouring out of the oil pan when you drain it, but try not to fill it with the initial stuff nor the last stuff that pours out. It's pretty simple, really.
I am still not comfortable with extended OCIs on predominantly ester oils...if someone has data to the contrary I welcome it as I have no desire to resist proven wisdom.
Do you consider 10k mile OCI an extended one? VW recommends 10k, but it makes me leary. However, synthetic advocates would say a minimum.

Unless I see some solid proof, I'll be conservative and stick with 5k mile OCI. At least until I get the first UOA, then determine if longer is safe.
I'm old fashioned...I most definitely consider 10K an extended interval. My Audi has manufacturer paid-for servicing and I still pay extra for in-between oil changes...just can't get comfortable with anything much beyond 6K. I know...I'm a "triobological wimp."
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