Motul 8100 Ester E-Tech 0W-40 specs...comments?

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Nov 3, 2002
Motul 8100 Ester E-Tech 0W-40 Viscosity 100c 13.3mm2/s ASTM D445 Viscosity 40c 73.2mm2/s VI 186 ASTM D2270 PP -76f/-60c ASTM D97 FP 438f/226c ASTM D92 TBN 10.8 mg KOH/g ASTM D2896 B4/503.01/229.3
There has been a VOA and a UOA of this oil in the approriate forums. I'm not sure of the links, but if you do a search for it, the threads are easy to find.
Specs for their oils are not that impressive. I found some data from a forum off of their website. They have someone respond to questions(towards the bottom it will say "motul" underneath the question posted). HTHS 3.66, Noack 9.8 (For their 0w-40). It's not bad, but has nothing over the M1. Here is the Link: Motul Specs Their 5w-40 has a HT/HS of 3.6 and a Noak of 11%. Not that impressive. Amsoil AFL - HT/HS of 4.2 Noak 5.5%.
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