Motul 8100 5W30 Eco-nergy, 9.9k mi, 2001 Silverado 2500HD LS 6.0L V8

Jun 11, 2013
The way this particular Chevy LS engine treats this type of oil has been extremely consistent in the 3 OCI’s that I’ve had analyzed, thankfully with no surprises. By about 4k mi into this OCI I ran out of Motul Eco-nergy 5W30, and not wanting to use up any of the Motul Eco-lite 5W30 D1G3 API SP I’m putting into the LaCrosse, so I substituted almost 2 quarts of the Amsoil 5W30 SS from the stash as makeup oil. The oil pressure gauge readings appear to have no difference, so I’m assuming they’ve been a good match for the Motul based on dynamic viscosity and HTHS.

The filter was the Wix 51522 with cellulose media.

The replacement oil was Amsoil SS 5W30 mixed with 1.5 quarts of Amsoil Euro 5W30 (for some extra high temp viscosity above SS’ approx. 3.1 HTHS). I like how the pressure gauge is staying in the 55 – 60 psig range even on long runs on 95- 100°F afternoons.

The fuel additives our Blackstone buddies mentioned in the comments are from a bottle of Amsoil Performance Improver (PEA additive) that I added about 2 or 3 gas fill ups before I changed the oil.

The truck continues to do mostly highway mileage, frequently pulling utility trailers both lightly and heavily loaded. There has been no internal engine work at all, but other than hydroboost, power steering, and master cylinder, all the other powered accessories have been replaced – water pump, alternator, tensioners and idlers, and almost all AC components except the evaporator. It’s almost time to replace the intake manifold seals, because I’m getting a faint misfire at idle speeds.

So overall I can’t complain, I’ve now owned this truck since brand new for 20 years since yesterday, and it’s continuing to provide good service despite some oil consumption.


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Aug 26, 2009
Very good report. You would get more replies if people didn't have to download a PDF to look at it.