Motorvator for 50cents

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Check to see if its API SL and ILSAC GF-3.

Walmart is starting to sell some API SH engine oil for $0.50 a quart or something.

I've also seen API SA 10w-40 for sale in $0.99 stores... I don't understand why ANYONE would buy a quart of API SA engine oil for $1/qt when you can buy API SL engine oil for $1/qt
Fordhead, if you can get that 50 cent Motorvator dino juice in your climate's appropriate weight grade and API SL rating, then it's perfectly acceptable for any gasoline car or light truck engine in which synthetic oil is not mandated.
The point is that we don't know what it is.

For an engine that leaks a lot or burns a lot, or a leased car, use anything.

For a car that you plan on keeping a long time, don't go cheap. On sale, I can buy Chevron Supreme for 69¢, and it's one of the better oils. Why buy an unknown oil to save 19 big cents?


Read somewhere that 20% of the samples don't meet API specs anyway so why not?

These were based on "spot checks" that the API completed. ~20% of oils tested were out of spec...They said that they did not do enough checks to be representative (they needed a much larger sample size)......

I will look for the article....
Note that non-compliance was significantly higher for SJ oils. The article didn't break down bulk from bottled, I've always wondered what's in bulk tanks. Also there are some counterfit name brand oils (look at the OZ oil filter test to see counterfit filters)--who in hell is going to bootleg Motorvator?
Ray H--thought I read it in Autoweek. Will look for the issue and post it if I can find it--was in the last two months.
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