Motorcycle Oil's.

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Dec 9, 2003
Forest On
It's getting to be Motorcycle season here in Ontario. Please be carefull out there.

Just a reminder that I have special deals for BITOG members.

The 20W50 for the Harleys and V-Twins

And for those with liquid cooled bikes like the Gold Wing


I run the 10W40 in my bike.
Hey Don
Where are you located? Those pics look the fields of Southern Ontario. I am in Chatham and have a little Honda 450 Nighthawk. It gets me around town and will cruise comfortably for a couple of hours.
Enjoy the riding season!
I'm near the town of Forest.So about 1 hr from you.
I also have a Honda 400.
Give me a call sometime if you ever plan to ride up to the norht country
Sounds like a nice Saturday afternoon ride. See you this summer. I couldn't believe the 4cm of snow we had last night! I haven't taken my bike out yet as I am super busy at work. It should start to slow down a bit in about foour weeks.
Not open for further replies.