motorcraft syntec blend

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Motorcraft synthetic blend is a good product, but I would suggest you make your own blend. Since you are already using Mobil 5000, just add-in 1 or 2 quarts of Mobil 1 and you will be way ahead in terms of quality (and probably cost).

If you have a Costco membership, they have coupon coming up May 11-31 that gives $10 off a 6-pack of Mobil 1 motor oil (5W-30 and 10W-30 only). Even if you use 5W-20 for your Mobil 5000, just add-in some Mobil 1 5W-30.
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I'd just use Havoline. Great oil.
Im not going to switch what I have been using, I was just curious I had heard small talk about havoline supplying motorcraft. I know syntec belongs to castrol just cutting synthetic short.
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does motorcraft still use havoline.

When I started my first job in a Ford dealership in 1972, we were told that Havoline was the supplier for Ford oil. The containers did match. I never was able to verify it though. I don't know when Conoco became the supplier, but they have been for some time.
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