Motorcraft SAE 75w90 Premium 4x4 Front Axle Lubric

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Sep 1, 2014
Ontario, Canada
I have a 2001 Ford Expedition 4x4. I want to replace the front differential fluid and according to the manual it recommends "Motorcraft SAE 75w90 Premium 4x4 Front Axle Lubricant" part no. XY-75W90-TQL. I have searched the Motorcraft website and I am unable to see this product or if and what has replaced it. Before I go to the dealer I would like to get informed about what product (preferably Motorcraft)to use to confirm what the dealer counter person may say. Thank You
I know it must be for a case. I came across these websites when I googled it. The one said it wasn't available any longer.

I have since called three Ford dealers and:
-one said they no longer carry it and to just use any 75x90 like Valvoline.
-another said to use their Motorcraft 80x90 product.
-another said to use their Motorcraft 75w140 product.

I am totally confused now.
75w-140 should be the rear on that truck. 75w-90 will suit you just fine. Grab Supertech syn from wallyworld, or if you don't like that flavor, grab some valvoline from any Napa or similar. M1 is another option, just double the price of Supertech.

FWIW, I am running Supertech 75w-90 in the front of my Explorer
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Is this what you are referring to? MC oils have a great reputation, one that is not unjustified so I understand wanting to stick with the brand. That said, how hard do you really work your front diff? Also, what is the capacity? Maybe the MC is worth it (again, if you can find it) but what about some other premium synthetics like Amsoil, M1 or Synpower? Synpower definitely has the cost edge, and I have seen a Ford 8.8 go through two sets of wheel bearings running M1, but Amsoil is a strong contender.
I appreciate the responses and recommendations however I would like to stick with Motorcraft gear oil. I have looked at the link's products and I have no way of knowing what the spec of the manual recommended oil is to compare it to the current Motorcraft oils (such as the XY-75W90-QLS product)on the Motorcraft site because if does not show the premium front axle lubricant any longer.
QLS $20 quart. The other is $30qt.

I recommend Mobil1, Amsoil, Redline, Royalpurple, Valvolines, Castrol, Pennzoil.... full synthetic GL5 75w90.

There is nothing special but the OE fill. GM DexronLS might be cost effective too.
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