Motorcraft oil (all weights) up to 2.08 @ Wallyworld.

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Jun 10, 2004
SW Illinois.
Saw yesterday that the MC oil now has succumbed to the higher pricing... 2.08, it was 1.78 about a week ago. All weights the same price. They have increased the shelf space for it however.

I'm still thinking that the TropArtic at 1.48 is ****ed good about now.

No EXMOB Supertech jugs though, all WPP.

So for now it's Tropartic and an Advance Auto total grip *2 for 1* price. $10.22 for a 6qt oil change (incl. tax) is less than the yellow jug right now (10.67).
i'm curious as to how to know that as well.^

but i believe that MC in all weights is at $1.92 yet, its been that price for awhile now.

sorry to thread jack, but how can you tell if the Supertech jugs are WPP or exmobile?

It will have "WPP" molded in the bottom of the jug if WPP. They do their own bottle molding onsite.

My local Walmart now has MC 5w20 in the 5 qt. jug for under $10. If I didn't already have so much stocked up from when it was $1.58/qt. I'd buy some jugs.
I just got lucky and scored some MC 10w30 sythetic blend for 1.50 cause of a miss print/wrond price. They imediatly took the price down before I could go rape the oil rack for more. But my Wally world has it for 2.07 each.
All WPP jugs. Never actually seen a ExMo jug at my local store.

and yea, a .30 rise in price at one increase is pretty hefty. Like the other guy says, when TA is 1.48 my money is going there for now.
I think I misread that MC price, it is 2.07 today, either that or they dropped it a penny.

Anyway, this particular Wallyworld did have the MC 5w-20 in a 5qt jug for about 2 weeks, priced at then 8.97. Pretty nice price I guess, but it's long gone now, shelf tag even missing. Even so our 01 Taurus is getting a diet of TA 5w-30 from here on(81k).

Just wish that the TA came in 5qt, it's a hassle with the smaller bottles when it comes time to recycle. Also, I find that the TA bottles almost always have a wet stain down the straight edge of EACH bottle. Not sure why, but anyway..
Glad the price went up. I took 9 bottles back from when i bought them at $1, and made a 107% profit. I even showed them the reciept where I paid a dollar, but that didn't seem to matter.
I went ahead and bought 10 quarts of TropArtic at $1.48/ea. Once folks figure out what a good deal it is for a blend and start buying a lot of it, price will probably increase.
^ i hear ya, i was gonna buy a couple cases but they don't seem to carry it in cases on the shelves, i'll have to ask i suppose to get it out of the back-room.
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