Motorcraft back at walmart!

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Feb 27, 2005
Carmi, IL
Saw 5w30 and 10w30, with a lot of empty space around them. Auto counter girl said they are stocking it all again... Sorry I didnt get a price, I was just happy to see my MC filters back! [Happy]
I would bet a Wal-Mart that could not sell the old MC stock sent it to your Wal-Mart. Is it the new SM or old SL API grade?
not sure, didnt check the grade... the lady at the auto center said they are stocking a full line of MC oil and filters again... I specifically asked if it was just backstock... Answer, no, MC realized people would not pay the premium price for their products, or go out of their way to get it, so they are letting wal mart carry it again...
This is excellent news for the MC fans, someone else posted a few days ago that their Wal-Mart was carrying MC again, so it seems to be true. [Cheers!]
I just saw a bunch of it at WW for 1.88 a qt synthetic blend. For that price I might rethink my plan of going with havaline and LC and substitute the MC instead. BTW I didnt see any MC filters though.
I just got back from WM oil ..plenty of filters. ST appeared to be restocked also...but still squished into a very narrow section.
MC is back at local Walmart (Dunn, NC) new sm 5/30 syn.blend and 10/30 it's new stock, not anything old. Filters were there, too, but only a limited number of types.
Yes, they had FL1A, FL300, FL400S, FL(modular), and some big FL(probably for the powerstroke).
It's back in my area as well,(at least at the store that I shop at). Although it's .40 cents more a qt than it was before. Still a good deal I guess. About a $1.82 or $1.88, in 5W20 & 5W30.
I stand corrected! There was MoCraft 5-20, 5-30, 10-30, and 15-40 qts with $1.88 price tags on the shelves. They only had the 5-30 in stock, and the others were marked, but empty. They used to only have a handfull of the FL-400S filters instock from a long time ago, but now more model#'s including my FL820S! I did not get a chance to ask the auto counter sales person about it, but will next time. I went in there today to buy another oscilating fan for my house, and I could hear the automotive section calling my name! The oil is rated API Service SL on the circle symbol, but read Meets API Service SM/SL in smaller print in the bottom of the back label. It must be new stock, b/c the last time I saw MoCraft Oil, it only read API SM. The ammount of MoCraft filters on the shelves were half of what they used to be, Super Tech too, but at least they have them!
I was just in our local Walmart and they have some stock of MC oil and filters. Not many varieties yet but there is shelf space clearly marked for what looks like the full oil line along with about 10 different filter part numbers. I didn't think to check any prices but I'm happy to see the stuff return.
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