Motorcraft 5W20...How does it stack up at 3,000 mile intervals?

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Apr 23, 2003
The Bay Area
Hi- I'm trying to learn more about Motorcraft 5W20 motor oil. My Mustang (03) requires 5W20, is this a good oil a long the lines of quality? How well does it stack up compared to other dino/synthetics of the same viscocity? I want this engine to last twenty plus years, so will Motorcraft get me there?????? Thanks.
This oil has posted some very good UOA numbers. If I had a new Ford and planned to do 3000 mile changes, I'd have no problems using the Motorcraft 5w20.
Motorcraft is considered by some here to be a "blend." I think that going with Pennz. or Quaker State 5-20 is also good. I ran a UOA on the Quaker State version. Did OK, sheared down some, but all in all, held up OK. Would not run it PAST 3K. Lot of us on this board simply think that the 5-20's are just too thin, period. Some used 10-30 and some use 5-30 (myself). Read other posts on this discussion to understand more on CAFE reasoning behind the 5-20 evolution and you'll get a better "feel" on this oil and they you too will be pulling you hair out like the rest of us!!! [Wink] I had a 01 V6 'Stang and used 5-30, didn't hurt a thing.
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