Motorcraft 5w20 & Honda Pilot 3.5L

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Mar 1, 2009
Hey guys - I bought nine 5 qt jugs of MC synblend 5w20 a couple years ago really cheap. They have an API rating of SL and all are sealed.

Is there any reason why I shouldn't run this in my wifes 08 Pilot with a Purolater PureOne filer ?

The Pilot just turned 21k miles on it and I plan on running 5k on each OC or 20/30% on the OLM.

Let me know your thoughts ?

WIll protect and keep clean your engine for as long as you want to drive it.

Just make sure that your manual does not state API SM... If it does, you *could* have "issues" with Honda *if* you have any engine "issues".

Very doubtful but you never know. Your Honda does have 5 years 60 k engine warranty.

Take care, Bill

A great combination, easy 5k and I see no problem. The only issue is if it's still under warranty, you might want to check to see if it meets specs. That said, if warranty was no issue, I'd have no problem running it.

Thanks for the relpy's - I kind of thought the oil was good oil. The Honda manual only states to use 5w20 detergent oil displaying the API Cert I guess I am good to go concerning the Warranty.

I picked up the 5qt jugs for 40 bucks for all nine of them at a tag sale...I didnt ask where he got them or why he had them. I just loaded them into my truck and went home and considered it my good deal of the day.
Like Bill said it is an excellent oil and produces some of the best UOA's(not that this means anything). Don't worry about the SL rating. I doubt there will be any oil related issues with that engine but if there is HoMoCo will not void the warranty as long as you use the right grade which 5w20 is.
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