Motorcraft 5w20 and 5w30

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Aug 12, 2003
south texas border
Just noticed at wally world that the motorcraft 5w30 has picked up some new wording I hadn't noticed before on the label. It states that is is hydrocracked/synthetic. This is new. this designation was previously reserved for the 5w20. I wonder if this means that the outstanding performance shown by the 5w20 will now also be available in the 5w30 flavor. IMO good news for those that can't use the 5w20, such as nissan owners. Opinions?

I didn't see that post. GII+ Is what the old bottle was assumed to be if it really is hydroclear, but this said "hydrocracked/synthetic" to me that suggests at least a g3 component. I've never heard of any company calling a g2+ synthetic.
It used to say "hydrocracked" on the 5w30 and "hydrocracked and synthetic" on the 5w20 "blend". It now says "hydrocracked/blend" on the 5w30. Sounds like they are trying to capatolize on the hydrocracked=synthetic idea that Castrol uses.

I don't think the oil has changed just the advertising. I was previously told that the "hydrocracked" on the Motorcraft refered to a GII+ oil.

no, not hydrocracked/blend rather Hydrocracked/synthetic. Seems to me that the oil companies have been very low key about bringing attention to the synthetic components, if any, in their 5w20s. In fact the hydrocracked/synthetic is in small print on the back of the bottle (on the 5w30). Not consistant with an advertising ploy. Maybe you are right, its advertising. But then, why is the same fine print not found on the 10w30 bottle? I think they spiked the stuff with a min of group 3 or maybe with some esther -just a w.a.g. Maybe that is why it performs so well eh?
This does not surprise me. I just noticed at Walmart that the 5-20 is selling for the same price as all the other grades of Motorcraft.

It makes it all that more absurd that Castrol Syntec is priced above Mobil 1.

If the oil market goes the way of Motorcraft, there would be no reason for anybody to purchase Castrol Syntec. Then again, not everyone reads the info on this site !
It says blended with our synthetic/hydrocracked base oils. I just looked at my bottle. It is good oil and according to my UOA is hold up well. I starts a little thin and does shear a little but the TBN remains high. Look at my UOA for Motorcraft 5w30 in 5.4. I was proud as a new poppa.
I noticed the same "hydrocracked/synthetic" labeling on the 5w30 the other day when I went to pick up six quarts of 5w20. Like dustyjoe, my first impression was the 5w30 had some group III. This seemed like news to me also and I was going to post a new topic about it but glad I did a search.

The Motorcraft 10w30 does not have the same statements on the label.

Both grades were priced at $1.42 / quart at Wally World...I had been paying $1.88 for the 5w20 the past year. Certainly one of the better values in OTC motor oils.

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Originally posted by JustinH:
what an awesome bargain in oils.

Here here! These Motorcraft oils seem to be the bargain sleeper oils around. The 5W-20 was part "synthetic" and now it seems from what you saw on the 5W-30 it's the same. And at $1.44 it's a steal. Don't know what Motorcraft/Conoco does to their oils but while they don't show any "special" ingredients they sure perform really good for "non true synthetic oils". The UOA's so far and from my experiences all point to these oils giving more than satisfactory service for 5,000 miles. I haven't gone longer because the vehicle was under warranty and required 5,000 mile oil changes. But realistically if the manufacture lists 5,000 miles as the limit it's best to keep to that with a dino or dino blend.

I've gone a little over 6k miles in my 5.4 expedition and fixing to go 6k on my honda civic on the mc 5w20. In the honda at 3k its looking clean as a whistle on the dipstick. The 5.4 looks a little dirtier, but then the engine is almost at 100k miles. I think this is the perfect 6k oil. 9 bucks for the oil in the 5.4 thats is only $0.0015 per mile. Hard to beat that value IMO.
the motorcraft website is calling the 5w30 a full synthetic. Here is a quote below. If this stuff turns out to be 1.44 a quart at walmart it is the finest deal in oils right now.

I am a diehard mobil1 user, but I am seriously thinking of changing to this motorcraft full synthetic in my daily driver truck. The tbird will always get mobil1 though.

SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

New Motorcraft® Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil is designed, engineered and recommended by Ford Motor Company. It meets or exceeds engine oil recommendations by Ford Motor Company and many other equipment manufacturers that recommend oils of this viscosity grade and quality. It is also certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), and bears their "Certification Trademark." Other benefits:
- Improved cold-temperature performance
- Lower volatility for reduced oil consumption
- Reduced engine wear
- Increased protection in severe operating conditions
- Formulated for fuel efficiency"
justin, the site has both a "regular" 5w30 that some of us suspect could be a group II / III syn blend, and a full synthetic 5w30. It is the dino 5w30 that is priced at $1.42 at my Walmart.

Thanks for checking it out's easy to mistake them the way the site is set up.
Motorcraft also has a "fully synthetic" 5W-30 oil. I'm pretty sure that's NOT what Wally World carries. In fact the ONLY place I've ever seen the "fully synthetic" Motorcraft is at the Ford dealer. And it was expensive. For an oil change with the dino/regular 5W-30 they charge $22. With the "synthetic" Motorcraft 5W-30 they charge $59
! And I'm pretty sure that it's only a group III. If the "regular" Motorcraft 5W-30 is now Group II/+ and Group III it'll be a great oil for a super price. In general the Motorcraft/Conoco oils seem to be real sleepers.

Yeah, could use 10 fingers too if you had made a good, sound, fundamental decision like I did back in 9th grade. Like signing up for typing because the cute blonde you had the hots for was taking the class.

It was a brilliant move that I knew would serve me well later in life [cough].

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I will scope out the walmarts and check out the new motorcraft.

I have never seen a bottle of full synthetic motorcraft thats why I asked. 59 dollar oil changes are funny.


Originally posted by JustinH:
I will scope out the walmarts and check out the new motorcraft.

I have never seen a bottle of full synthetic motorcraft thats why I asked. 59 dollar oil changes are funny.


Wal-Mart gets like $29.95 for a Synthetic Oil Change with your choice of oils and the works. Extra $1.00 for the a MC Filter. Less for a SuperTech.

Been tenpted to pull in and tell them to give me 5 QT of Mobil 1 Truck & SUV 5W-40 and one ST-3980 myself a few times.

I dont think Ford is going to get to many synthetic oil changes at their price.


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Originally posted by JustinH:
I checked it out today.

All the motorcraft bottles at walmart are red.

The 5w20 says semi synthetic on the front.

The 5w30 says synthetic and hydrocracked on the back (nice!)

The 10w30 and 10w40 say hydrocracked (not synthetic)

The 5w30 goes for 1.44 a quart, and the filters for my vehicle are 2.99

How long do you think I can go on this combo in a stock 4.6 truck? I'm thinking 4k miles.


Well the CHP uses the same engine goes 5000 mi on re-refined Unocal Dino 10W30 based on worse case testing.

If I remember correctly this means they run the car 1 QT low for the entire test and match whatever the maximum idle time and pursuit time there cars experience is.

So if you drive it like a police pursuit car, buy 1 QT less oil to save money and do a lot of extended idling then I wouldnt run it over 5000 mi.

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