Motorcraft 5W-20

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Mar 24, 2003
Niles, IL
Does anyone have information on Motorcraft 5W-20 oil? I was told it is made by Mobil, but that is about all the information they had at the dealership. I am already concerned about using 5W-20, and especially do not want to use an inferior brand of this weight oil.

Thanks for your help.
Ford Motorcraft oil is Conoco Hydroclear. There are a couple of really nice reports in the UOA section on Motorcraft 5w-20. Try the search function for more information.
The link posted is still out of date and shows SJ rated oils. Best bet for specs is to look at Conoco's site for the 5w20 hyrdoclear. Should be relatively close to the motorcraft.
Thank you for your help, but I must admit I don't understand much of what I read. I would appreciate your help. Here is a link to the Conoco specification sheet: Super All Season Motor Oil SAE 5W-20.pdf

Could someone please explain this to me.

Also, from reading other posts regarding this oil, it appears to be low in moly, (I'm not sure what that is, but it seems to be necessary). Would that Schaffer additive be a good idea with this oil?

Thanks to everyone for their help.
Nice cold properties, decent flashpoint, solid 20w (8.5 cst).

UOA's look pretty decent, although we haven't seen any hot weather UOA's.

Moly is low, but a few oils (like Chevron Supreme) show great wear numbers without it. I wouldn't call moly absolutely necessary, but its nice to know its there.

I wouldn't have any problems using Motorcraft 5w20 based on what we've seen so far.
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