MotorCraft 5-30W synthetic Blend. WalMart.

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Mar 16, 2005
Hey guys I was at my Local WM and saw the MC syn blend for $1.88 . I normally use Havoline ( dino ) 5-30W . Is the MC syn Blend a good oil? And is it that much better at $1.88 qt. vs . $ $1.55 Havoline ( dino ) a qt. These are not sale prices. Just shelf prices. I never used a syn oil at all. Always use DINO's. Price and the unknown about syn oil's. But Wally world has MC now back on there shelves and I thought maybe a change. But Havoline has been really good to me and my vehicles over the last 8 years.I drive easy and Im not hard on my vehicles. My OCI have been 3000 miles but Im going to extend them to 4000-4500 miles. Thanks Oiler.
You can't go wrong with either. MC is a great oil at a great price. Interestingly, and this is really hard to fathom, I bought a case of MC 5/20 (semi) from a Ford dealer here in MI and to my amazment, it was $1.50 per quart.
If your extending to 5000 you ought to try MC.
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