Motorcraft 15/40 oil not for gas engines?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
Is the Motorcraft HDEO 15/40 oil not recommended for use in gas engines? I saw this oil in Walmart recently. Why is this not oil very seldom mentioned in comparision with Delo/Pennz.LL etc, although the Motorcraft 5/20, 5/30 and 10/30 oils seem to be well repsected here? just curious.
If the bottle or jug says "SL" in addition to the various diesel qualifiers, it's a "fleet" motor oil and perfectly safe to use in gasoline engines. It won't say "GF-3" simply because of its higher visocisity, nor will it have the API "energy conserving" wording, again, for the same reason, nor will it carry the API "starburst" seal on the front of the bottle or jug. I doubt you'll find much Motorcraft 15W-40 at truckstops either. I have a hunch this weight Motorcraft oil is most often used at Ford dealers as service fill in Ford pickups with the diesel engine option when the owners insist on it. Nothing wrong with it, but the major players and most widely distributed for heavy-duty diesel engine applications are likely the Delo and Rotella formulations always stocked at truckstops.
I was wondering the samething 97tbird.I thought about it instead of Delo because Wallyworld keeps it stocked better. Anyone else??? [I dont know]
Yes it's made by Conoco with an approach towards formulating more friendly to a gas engine IMO although it is a primarily diesel oil. With all the Magnesium and Boron in a good engine , warm enough weather it could go many miles on an interval I believe . Here's very close to what new oil would look like . Magnesium 350 Boron 140 Calcium 2700 Zinc 1100 Phos 1000 They sell the 10w-30 version of this at most of the Ford Dealers very reasonably priced . 4 quart jugs and single quarts .
So, is there anyone who has already used this oil? Last time I was at the dealer I saw it there, too. I didn't think of looking for the SL-rating, though. I wonder what the spec's for the 15/40 and 10/30 of this oil look like..??
Since its likely that the HDEO's are also made by Conoco (or at least were until lately -there is some scuttlebut this has recently changed), the Motorcraft HDEO is probably the same thing as the Conoco HD Supreme Motor oil, availible in 15w40 and 10w30 only. The specs:
                 15w40          10w30
Diesel Rating     CI-4           CI-4
Gasoline Rating    SL              SL
Pour Point (F)    -22             -27
Flash (F)         450             371
Vis @100C        15.4            11.5
% Sulphated Ash   1.4%            1.6%
TBN              10.4              11

Both of the Motorcraft HD's have 0.9 SA . I called a Ford dealer yesterday and they want 2.60 a quart for that 10w-30 . Notta good deal there . Another local supplier sells it for 1.50 a quart . For the 2nd 100k left on this 4.6 it would be very difficult to do better than the Motorcraft 5w-30 at 3-6k intervals very much depending on how it's driven. Just my opinion though . [Smile]
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