Motor oil prices up again...

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Outside of certain bargains, namely TropArtic for $1, seems like most oil prices are on the rise. M1 at the local Walmart is up to $5.16/qt and M1 5gal jugs of EP are over the $25 mark. Almost all name-brand dinos are $1.88/qt or more. I reckon that oil prices going up is going to pull motor oil prices upward.
I've got a couple cases of Chevron Supreme at .49 after rebate, probably good for a couple of years. But if I see another Kragen ad at that price, I would be hard pressed not to pick up another case.
My local Walmart is just plain lame. [Frown] The only 5w-20s it has is Pennzoil and Castrol, only one in 5-quart jugs is PZ. [Frown] They don't even have 5-quart jugs of Mobil 1 Truck & SUV 5w-40. [No no] EP at my local Walmart is $24/5-quart jug, reg M1 is $20/5-quart jug. By the quart, reg M1 and M1 T&SUV is $4.92/quart. [Eek!] Michael
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