Motor oil jelling?

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Jun 4, 2002
It has been a number of years back but I opened a 5 quart container of the Superflow oil in cold storage for a oil change and it was jelled! What is your opinion on how this happens? Could this possibly happen in the engine during the winter months? Eitherway,does not seem good?
Give us the details. what temp and what do you mean by jelled. Was it not pouring at all. Maybe it had a lot of water and/or other contaminants in it. If no obvious contamination, I would never buy that oil again!
It was in a sealed never opened 5 quart container and was at 25 F ambient when I opened and saw it looked like jello. I then put another oil in the car,and took the jug into the house while I changed clothes,then warmed it up in a way through driving into town to show the Autozone guys ,still like jelly? Received a refund an yep,never bought any of it again. Was using it in a beater at the time
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