Motor oil for Mercedes CDI

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Aug 2, 2002
Norwich CT
I hace a new CDI and have noticed that my beloved Delvac 1 is not on the approved list of Mercedes 229.5 spec sheet. The approved list consists of "Mobil 1 SuperSyn European Car Formula 0w-40", "Pennzoil European Formula Ultra 5w-30", "Quaker State European Formula Ultra 5w-30", and ELF excellium 229.5 5w-30". Has anyone got an idea of oils that are comparable to these, or where I could purchase one of the approved oils? I have a quantity of RedLine 5w-30 motor oil; would this be suitable for this application? Thanks for any opinions.
Note that Delvac-1 is considered a heavy duty lubricant and is not normally listed for light duty applications such as European passenger cars.

If you wish to extend your criteria for suitable oils for your car then I'd also consider the MB spec 229,3 which will open up other 0w/5w-40 oils.

If you are intent upon using Delvac-1 then it certainly won't let you down. It just hasn't been approved against the vehicle manufacturers specifications and likely is much more robust than is necessary.
Thank you. I'll be using the Delvac 1 or the Mobil Truck and SUV oil available at Wal-Mart then. I was just worried that the oils meeting the 229.5 spec were special such as the oil required for the VW PD TDI motor. I just needed something for top offs as the first change interval is at 13,000 miles. Thanks again for the response.
The Mercedes-Benz does not use the unit injectors that the VW uses and therefore doesn't suffer from the extremely high pressure face and resultant wear issues that have resulted in the special oil requirements that VW has implemented.

Personally I prefer the common rail set-up to the unit injector set-up. I just wish MB offered a entry-level automobile with a CDI engine in a affordable package.
not to stray off-topic but the new V6 cdi will probably be put into the C class soon. Problem is the V6 doesn't run on the sludge we call diesel fuel now. Once the fuel is cleaned up.....naybe for the 2007 model year.
MB sheet 229.5 approved oils; "MB Longlife Service Oils"
for passenger cars with gas and diesel engines with extended drain intervals beyond 229.3 oils, to 30,000 km, min 1.8% fuel saving, first oils introduced summer 2002. For gas engines of the M100 series, gas engines of the M200 series and diesel engines of the OM600 series (not models with Euro 4 diesel particle filters).
229.5 engine oils must be used with fleece oil filter designed for use with 229.5 engine oils.

AGIP Formula LL DC 5W-30 (I)
Amsoil Synthetic 5W-40 European Engine Oil (USA)
Aral SuperTronic G 5W-30 (D)
Aral SuperTronic M 5W-30 (D)
Castrol DCO TOPUP 0W-30 (D)
Castrol Syntec European Formula 0W-30 (USA)--> GC(!)
Elf Excellium 229.5 5W-30 (F)
FormulaShell Ultra AB 5W-30 (GB)
Fuchs Titan Supersyn SL MB 5W-30 (D)
Labo MB 229.5 5W-30 (F)
Liqui Moly Longtime High Tech 5W-30 (D)
Mobil 1 SuperSyn European Car Formula 0W-40 / Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel 0W-40 (USA)
Mobil SHC Formula MB 5W-30 (USA)
Motorex Profil M-XL 5W-30 (CH)
OMV full syn MB 5W-30 (A)
Pennzoil European Formula Ultra 5W-30 (USA)
Premium Synthetik Motorenöl 5W-30 (DaimlerChrysler, D)
Quaker State European Formula Ultra 5W-30 (USA)
Shell Helix Ultra AB 5W-30 (Mercedes-Benz) (GB)
Shell Helix Ultra DC 229.5 (GB)
Total Quartz 229.5 5W-30 (F)
Valvoline SynPower MB 5W-30 (NL)
whilst I am a long term user of Delvac 1 5w-40 in a variety of engines I use M1 0w-40 (229.5) in my "new" Benz (supercharged petrol engine)

I would use M1 0w-40 as a first preference in your car however FowVay is correct about using Delvac 1 5w-40

Your car is under warranty - I have another Benz engine (diesel) that prescribes MB229.1, MB229.3 oil but I have warranty Approval to use Delvac 1

Delvac 1 5w-40 is a "Commercial" oil and is Marketed differently from other Mobil synthetic lubricants. ExxonMobil obviously chooses to seek International and Manufacturer's Approvals and Licences etc. that follow the Commercial trail
(A bit like Amsoil only seeking Approvals and Licences for certain of their products I expect)

My information is that it (Delvac 1 5w-40) far exceeds the MD229.5 requirements - it is MB Approved and Listed as MB228.5

Interesting point, Doug. After the dust settles, it's all about advertising and money. I'll use the Delvac 1 and sleep soundly all night.

Don't despair, the OM 616 maybe be slow but like the tortoise, it wins the race in the end, I am yet to see the 2.7 CRDI go without a rebuild after 100,000 miles, in case of OM616/617, they are just loosening up at that mileage. Also the all mechanical IP on the OM 616/617 can take plenty of abuse before needing service, the super high pressure CRDI electronic system would grind itself to death with poor fuel.
The CDI in my Dodge Sprinter now gets Mobil1 Truck/SUV or Shell Rotella Synthetic 5w-40. I was running Mobil1 0w-40, but that oil is hard to find and more expensive. Whichever oil I use will get me 10K-16K OCI's using my OLM.

By the way, my manual recommends 0w-40 synthetic, but can use 15w-40 dino that is CI-4 certified.
yes I do plan on going the 13,000 miles between changes. Previously I've owned 2 VW TDI's and used Delvac 1 at aproximately 10,000 mile Oci. I generally did an oil anaysis every other change
and the soot levels and oxisation levels, as well as the wear metals levels were always quite low, indicating I was probably changing the oil too soon.

Originally posted by Doug Hillary:
(A bit like Amsoil only seeking Approvals and Licences for certain of their products I expect)

API is very strict with their ZDDP (phosphurous) levels because ZDDP in exhaust gasses can poison the cat.

Amsoil oils that can go 25,000 mile OCI have too much ZDDP to get API approval. The only oils that get API approval are the ones with lower ZDDP. These are the XL series oils, only good for 7500 OCI.

On a side note, Amsoil oils have some of the lowest NOACK numbers in the industry. This means less oil is burned off, entering the exhaust gases. Amsoil has been trying for years to get the API to realize that if an oil has a low NOACK, there is less chance of ZDDP in the exhaust gases.

Basically, Amsoil has been trying to get the API to liscence based on ZDDP levels and NOACK combined, not just ZDDP levels. An oil with high ZDDP but low NOACK is just as safe as an oil with low ZDDP and high NOACK. But the API can't seem to grasp this simple logic.

Sad that the oil with API approval is not as good as the oil without API approval.
TexasTDI - you said this;
"Sad that the oil with API approval is not as good as the oil without API approval"

This may be so, I no longer place much import on the API's Quality Standards except as a "vehicle" for Warranty where required

ACEA is a great Quality Standards Body with great potential, and they are "alive"!

Of them all I have always (last 45 years) placed more credence on the vehicle/engine/component Manufacturer's Quality Standards

our w210 diesel does excellent on delvac 1... our w123 turbodiesel does excellent too! Id use it without worries, it definitely has a lot more soot handling capacity and whatnot than the 0w-40... plus it wont shear down, though it seems that 30wt oils are ok for the new CDI engines.

Use delvac 1/M1 T&SUV and enjoy that car... Might be the next car that I buy (though I actually prefer the w123 MB diesels the best!)

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