motor mounts for 94 Camry

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I need the front motor mount for my Camry replaced. It seems like one has a choice between hydraulic and all rubber. At the NAPA site it looks like the hydraulic ones are slightly cheaper. A mechanic told me that some automakers used hydraulic motor mounts for awhile then found out they did not work as well as expected and switched back to rubber mounts.
If the stock one lasted 13 years I'd go with another hydraulic stock-type. The potential exists for the rubber aftermarket one to be not nearly as nicely made or durable, "anchor" in particular is regarded as cheesy for saturn apps. NAPA will probably have Balkamp though. Either new one would really probably be an improvement though.
Does anyone know the torque for the front motor mount (looks like a coffee can). The manual I have just says to use thread locking stuff. Got the hydraulic ones on EBAY for 1/2 of what NAPA had them for.
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