Motomaster Touring 160 - Canadian Tire Brand

Toronto, Canada
I acquired some Motomaster Touring 160 last year for a 1994 Toyota Camry V6. The size was 205/65-15. These Motomaster Tires wore very well BUT they were very harsh and exhibited rather loud humming. What was very bad is that their quality/consistency was very bad. How bad? After only 3000 kms, they had to be rebalanced again. Additionally they rode very "lumpy" and did not track well. They tracked "nervously". I traded them back in under a warranty but had to pay installation charges again and acquired some Uniroyal Touring HRs. These are not rated as long wearing but they are rated H vs T for the Motomasters. I would say that they complement the suspension of the Camry very well, since it now rides smoother quieter and feels much more sure footed. They cost the same when purchased under a "sale" and were reasonably priced for an H rated tire.