Motocraft 5w-20 Blended Synthetic

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Jul 4, 2003
Gonzales, La.
Hey Guys A few weeks back I posted a question regarding 5w-20 oil for my daughter's new Mazda 6. Well I was out looking for some 5w-20, at all the regular places. Low and behold I found a case of Motorcraft Blended Synthetic 5w-20 at one of my local Wally Worlds. Picked it up figuring that it was going to cost me a bundle. Guess what? $16 for the whole case. Went back and looked for more but that was the only one. Changed the oil on the car that afternoon. Without going into it, it is a real challenge. Seems as if you got to take the whole car apart to get to the filter and oil drain plug. Being a new car I don't have any idea what kind of oil was in it but it was about the weirdest looking oil I have ever seen. Real thin, green with an orange tint to it. Done my own used oil test, you know smell, touch, eyeball. never seen any oil with that color before. Also the filter canister is a little different but not hard to work on.
Can't wait until the warranty expires on the Mazda6 here. A dremel/sawzall or something will be used to make filter/drainplug service ports. Pulling the cover is easy, but definitely is a time consuming annoyance. This isn't the only vehicle out there with undercarriage covers that need removing for plug or filter access. My factory fill oil didn't look any different than any other oil. Maybe its because I'm use to seeing yellow, green, purple, red, blue, orange oils/atfs/coolants.....and didn't even notice.
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