Most Reliable Engine(s) Ever Made - Poll

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Feb 19, 2013
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Wanted to start some kind of a poll on your opinion on what you think one (or some) of the most reliable longevity engines are. IMO the Jeep 4.0 I6 is one of the toughest. My grandpa has a '96 with 131k and my brother has a '91 with 212k. My Vortec 5.7 has been great as well but I would trade it any day for a Jeep with an I6
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It really isn't a poll....unless you have a poll. Anyways the Dodge 318, 360 Ford 302, Chevy 350 and of course the ecotec 2.2 (in my sig) are all great engines and will outlast any tranny they are mated to.
226/260/289/302 Ford. Installed in about every Ford car/truck until the 1990s.You might see tons of Chevy SB engine swaps due to them blowing up,but most vehicles that had the SB/"challenger"/Fairlane V8,still posess the original. 3.3 Chrysler.Chrysler's first FWD V6.Basic pushrod engine,but will last to 300K+ in a heavy minivan. Ford 300-6.A big truck only engine.Could take huge amounts of abuse and not complain.Rarely ever see a 300 blowing blue smoke,even with 100s of thousands of miles.Ford refined it with EFI while GM and Chrysler phased out their straight 6s. Chrysler Slant 6.An engine designed to an aluminum block,but got a cast iron one instead.Made for very thick castings,and a tough/rigid unit.Serious de-tuning,emissions strangulation,and frequent mechanical valve adjustments doomed the engine in the 1970s against up and coming V6s.However the engine lasted until 1987 in trucks,and longer in industrial applications.Low end torquey,but seriously underpowered in the 70s,nonetheless a reliable engine that skin flints loved.
MB OM617.952 is definitely the longest lasting in greatest numbers. The Volvo engine is probably the next highest, and Im sure the Ford 300 and a few other I6 and older V8 (350 for example) end up in there. Ditto for some of the Honda and Toyota 4 cyl engines, like the 2.3 and 2.4L units. Engines that made it into police cars and taxis will skew the results. And there are a TON of threads on exactly this...
So a Saturn Vue 5 speed with the 2.2 ecotec would be an excellent choice? I am looking on craigslist for a new to me car.
Probably whatever 4-cylinders were used in the late 80s to mid-90s Toyota Corollas and Camrys. And probably the engines used in the Land Cruiser.
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Nissan KA24, Toyota 22R, Jeep 4.0 I6, Ford 300 I6, GM 3.8 V6, Honda F22A, Chrysler 3.3 V6, Volvo Red Block (b21, b23), Chrysler Slant-Six, Cadillac Northstar.
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Probably whatever 4-cylinders were used in the late 80s to mid-90s Toyota Corollas and Camrys. And probably the engines used in the Land Cruiser.
Ha, the Land Cruiser's I6 was based on a GMC block and a Chevy head/combustion chamber.
Older engines: SBC, SBF and SBM were very durable. The 300 Ford I6 was legendary, still used to run irrigation equipment to this day. Modern engines I would say the LSx family is fantastic, but I think the engines with the most miles on them are the 2V Modulars, particularly the 4.6L because of LEO, taxi and Limo service. They are the only engines I've ever seen in cars for sale with over 1,000,000Km on them and not rebuilt.
Honda F22A1, Chrysler Slant 6, Toyota 20/22R, Suzuki G13, BMW M20B27, Ford 240/300, Chevrolet 250, and Volvo Redblock. None are particularly fun engines but they are tough.
Shout out to GM's 3800 engine! An honorable mention to the Ford 3.0l v6 and the GM 4.2l Inline six. Both great engines that have proven themselves to go 250,000+ miles and more
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No idea they all seem reliable. My parent who simply follow maintenance schedule and regular oil changes (sometimes at quick lube others mechanic) seem to get 15years/300k out of vehicles before they die of rust. This includes AMC Eagle I6, GMC Suburban 5.7, Toyota PU, Subaru Forester 2.5L, Saab 900 Turbo, Buick Century iron duke, IMHO majority of engines are reliable its the owners and bad bad luck. My wife/I had trouble free 90's Honda Civic 1.5L sold 200k and 250k. Current Subaru turbo 2.5L has 161k again reliable.
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Shout out to GM's 3800 engine!
I second the GM 3800 V6. We drove a 1999 Grand Prix with the NA Series II to 175K before selling it. It was problem free that entire time and used very little oil.
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