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Feb 6, 2010
Central Texas
My annual trip for some July 4th celebratory supplies (fireworks). As I approach a deserted stand (???), and begin to look around, he finally notices. I get the impression they're fixing to shut down (at 8:30p??), when his answer to my question if they're still open = "just cleaning up and stocking". He stares at me blankly for a bit then asks if I know what I'm looking for. The owner then approaches and I ask him. "No..not yet. We usually stay open until at least 10...depending on how much beer I've had..." I look at the moron, replying "you gave me the impression you're about to close. I was fixing to leave." The owner walks off to move his truck. He begins to push an AWESOME fw fountain that retails for $48. I decline as I continue to window shop. Then he pushes another one: JUST LIGHT THIS SUCKER, SIT DOWN AND ENJOY FOR LIKE....10 MINUTES." I ask if they have any girandolas. "HUH? Never heard of it". (ok....). Everything I point to, he picks up something else and begins talking about it. I correct him with "no not that, this one" My extended arm is about 37" long so I can almost grab it off the shelf. Dude continues to answer questions I never asked while demonstrating what a lousy listener he really is. (Small wonder this stand is deserted...) What's really frustrating is the contrast to the previous owner, who knew his product, welcomed intelligent conversation and greeted his customers personally. Oh how I was wishing he was still here.... Next we move onto firecrackers. "What's the best deal?" Uh...this one? "How much for that package?" (price tag is folded over so no one can read it). This one? I don't know....then he doesn't know how many there are per bundle nor if the price is per package, per bundle or per brick. Neither does he know how many firecrackers are in each....further he displays TILT when it comes to simple math: 40 x 50 = 200 x 10. Needless to say my celebratory enthusiasm has now ground to a halt. I'm ready to just walk, realize this stand is no longer my 'go-to' and take my money somewhere else. I finally spy some small fountains that I do like and are surprisingly not widely found. So I buy two packs of four. He has no dollar bills.....period. So he yells for the owner who yells back to look "in that barrel" WHAT BARREL? "THAT BARREL". nUTTIN' IN THER. Owner finally comes over to rescue him. By this time, I feel like my IQ has dropped so low I want to drag my knuckles back to my car.... He doesn't know how to make change...even at 25 yrs old or so. He has lots of tats though, both ears pierced with studs, 'dude' mirror sunglasses on backwards on top of his bro-hat. He "looks" cool or so he thinks. Problem is he's incompetent at even selling fireworks and dumb as a rock. At least rocks are good listeners.... I've seen 10yr olds who worked in their parents FW stands who knew their product, knew how to make change and displayed enthusiasm for selling and for Independance Day. I always give them a few bucks for a tip and compliment them on a job well done. In addition to protons, neurons and electrons, the world is also filled with MORONS...
You have the same kind here to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't turn this thread on you. I know how you feel and have been there many times. Most of the time I quietly sneak off. Sorry I went kinda deal.
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Capitalism is great. Spend your money elsewhere.
Often there isn't any other place to go!
TL:DR Bad experience attempting to patronize a business? Near daily occurrence for me You gotta let interactions like this go, you'll live longer smile
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It was long on purpose. That's how mind-numbing the idiocy was. All too common in my world these days. Over time, it adds up. Thus the frustration. Who Is John Galt?
I once ordered a pizza and asked for it to be cut into 12 slices instead of 8. The guy doing the cutting had to ask his Boss how to do it. Happy July 4th to all.
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Who Is John Galt?
I think that sums it up well.
For what it's worth. OBSERVATIONS: Many times a proprietor will indeed hire a dolt or retard because they need an extra body. It happens. I do not think it's a good thing to do but a dull family member or a local "slow person" is likely cheaper. ALSO: Many, many times the customer knows what he wants. He's just buying a box. You're an exception. Heck, in a perfect world the honor system could be used (think egg or vegetable stand) CONCLUSION: Yes, it'll chafe you but really move onto the next square by dealing with it or, as stated, leave. You're the smart person here, yes? FEELING: The whole "...let capitalism work for you by leaving" is true but really get over yourself and skip the pseudo-intellectualism.
Hey,the worrisome part is the wares coupled with such levels of genius. Fire works are "illegal" in MA. This is mostly enforced after damage. Had my brushes with 'em as a young'un. We also had bricks of calcium carbide, red phosphorous from a washed up marine flare, cheap gasoline and oxy/acetylene. Singed hair was the worst of it. Now I'm one of the 100s watching the Plymouth fireworks from across the harbor. Oooh ahhh grin2
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I always wondered how those fireworks stands in Texas made any money. They used to be allowed to sell only for a week or two before 4th of July and the same for New Years when we lived in the Dallas area for 10 years up until 2014.
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I always wondered how those fireworks stands in Texas made any money. They used to be allowed to sell only for a week or two before 4th of July and the same for New Years when we lived in the Dallas area for 10 years up until 2014.
I wondered that too but then I went with my brother in law and watched him drop over $100 in fireworks.
Up at our cabin in NW WI the neighbors around the lake must shoot off about 100k in fireworks. It sounds like a war zone up here. Pretty amazing show from the pontoon.
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