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Dec 14, 2002
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moribundman: How do you put those semi-clear watermark/copyright marks on your photos, like you did in this thread: here Youve done it in larger, better looking letters in some other photos youve posted too, but I dont recall what thread they were in. Is it done in photoshop? I cant imagine its too complex, but I didint figure it out last night... I venture to guess that many folks would be interested in doing similar tings to their photos, thus why I ask you how to do it here, rather than in a PM. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks! JMH
Oh, those are really bad. [Big Grin] I was just trying to figure out a quick and dirty way of applying a simple watermark in Gimpshop, because I currently couldn't use Photoshop on my computer at home (compatibility issue with Intel Mac -- I'm still waiting for CS 3). I usually don't put a copyright notice on web photos. See more on that farther down below. The simple method with a non-embossed logo in Gimpshp involves simply writing your text in 50% grey and saving it with a clear background in its own file. When you want to apply the watermark, copy and paste it into your image, which creates a new layer. Adjust the position of the watermark, size it and or change its shape with "transform" and adjust opacity in your layer menu. By adjusting opacity, you make the text stand out more or less by. The Gimpshop that I have lacks the emboss and bevel filters needed to make a really nice looking watermark. Photoshop has them. Usually, if I really want to add a copyright mark, I use Photoshop to create an embossed watermark, which looks much better. You can check this tutorial, which describes the process in detail. Instead of using watermarks as a means of theft deterrence, I generally prefer to simply post small pictures, which look okay only on a monitor. Contrary to popular belief, the creator of an image holds the copyright even if he does not mark his image. However, should litigation occur, having had a clearly marked image "stolen" and "used" by someone will make proving that is is indeed your image a lot easier. However, even with stolen, copyrighted and clearly marked images (copyright symbol or word "copyright" plus creator's name plus year of creation), you are really only in an excellent legal position, if your artwork (photos, sculptures, etc) is registered with the US Copyright Office at the US Library of Congress. You can submit a number of images (proofs, for example contact sheets of negatives and chromes) at the same time for a (relatively) small fee. All your potentially commercially exploitable art should be registered in your own best interest. US Copyright Office
Thanks for the great info and insight! I just was copying you figuring it was the right thing to do [Wink] I see it on ebay and whatnot a lot too, I suppose because of the google image crawlers and such. None of my pictures are destined for magazine covers... thats for sure. I dont think I need to register my stuff. I just do it for fun. Anyway, thanks again! JMH
It's good to "ruin" your images that you use on ebay with a big fat watermark, unless you don't mind that other people will use your images and pass them off as theirs. How lazy can they get? As for leaving your mark, nothing wrong with that. It's a judgement call. I generally find watermarks visually intrusive, at least on "nice" images. As I said, I'd rather post a small unmarked picture than a big one that's been marked.
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