More Summer pics - never stayed in a Caravan Park

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Dec 12, 2002
This year, my brother ended up winning the unit at his favourite ski park, but couldn't attend due to another planned holiday. Won,as in the rights to have it, on a use it this year or lose it for next year basis. Old's bailed him out and asked us down...we'd never stayed in a Caravan Park before, but this was in a Unit in a caravan park. Here's were we stayed. 3 B.R., sleeps 8. The park is on sort of an estuarine Isthmus, with the Clyde River passing across the end of the block, and the Nelligen Creek down the left (North), and some mangrove flats on the South...the skiers leave on the Clyde River end, then rack off up the river, adn don't make any real noise during the day. (or the night for that matter). From the boat ramp "north" And "south" "north" but messing around with the art functions on Camera. The creek at low tide. Remember, this is estuarine, so the water is either marginally or very salty depending on tide. We fished here high tide most days, and it's near the top of the concrete blocks. other view of the fishing spot. Both children caught their first fish ever here. Son caught the first eating fish, a 30cm bream (Dad caught another eater), between us we caught 36 fish, and had to throw 34 back. Daughter got her new bike for her 9th birthday. Reflections on a trailer park ? mobile coverage whatsoever...all traffic looked out for kids, people friendly and helpful...and considerate.
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Beautiful. Where is this?
Long link needs a cut and paste.,Nelligen+NSW&gl=au&ei=DKsUT9vLB6-QiQfx5ekv&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=2&ved=0CDEQ8gEwAQ
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