More oil filter pron/bordome on a sunday afternoon

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Dec 19, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
Except for the fram orange can this is what we use on our OPE rental equipment and customers equipment that we work on...oem if its in warranty or fairly new...then the others for out of warranty and older stuff....99% of it goes on briggs vanguard vtwins up to 23hp and kohler commands up to 27hp....all the aftermarket ones are based on the fram 3614/napa wix 51348 style of filter..3/4-16 thread...there are longer and shorter that also work but these are easiest to and work fine..

Left to right....
Ph3614 orange can....briggs oem...kohler black oem...newest kohler oem yellow(champ ecore) tle core 3614(champ ecore) 7 purolator extra 51348(wix/napa silver)....premium guard pg241...premium guard pg4476....service pro m4476.....these last 2 are a little different but work fine....i have most all of these new and used cut open in my previous threads.....I am out of but also use the mileguard mo3614's that are a fram orange can copy and recently moved to a champ ecore label...same situation as the mo6607 in my other thread...

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Wow, you guys use a lot of different brand filters. Why not consolidate the brands down to a few, or maybe you can't get the right applications without using so many different brands (?).
I've been using the 3614 clones (mostly Powerflo 241's) on my B&S Intek 17 hp for years without any issues.

Can I use the smaller 4476s on this engine?...I have a lot of them for my Corolla.
Ive used the 4476's a few times and had no issues...ive never dealt with the inteks...just make sure the id of the pad where the gasket sits on the block or filter adaptor is wide enough...on the vanguards its fine...
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Buying them on fleabay 4-6 cases at a time..get what I can get as long as its a somewhat recognizable price shipped + excellent seller humans to deal with...few clicks and they show up at front door...average less than $2 ea. to the front door...the oem filters are lots more.
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no humans to deal with

Sounds like my way of thinking.

Fram 3600 or equivalent is a third longer than a 3614,
and usually the same cost.

Same base, same bypass pressure.

Fram 3614 is 3 inches in height,

Fram 3600 is just under 5 inches in height...
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