More imported garbage?

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
Last Thursday we got 2 brand new 30lb cylinders of R134a. I put one on our AC machine and the other one in the closet. I charged 1 car Friday.

Today I went to charge a car and the bottle on the machine was empty! So I brabbed the other one. It's empty too.

Called our supplier and they brought out 3 more. All 3 were leaking! They say Dupont on them so we were assuming that they would be a good product.

This should be reported to some certifying authority. That much refrigerant leaking out could make a closet or room uninhabitable overnight.
Conceivably, the manufacturer could be liable for venting refrigerant (not just r12, but also includes r134) by providing defective equipment. Fines can run up to $25,000. Say you'll report them to the EPA - you'll get a quick respone from DuPont.
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