More Details on the TX Dept. of Public Safety's switch to Amsoil

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Thanks to Amsoil and it field test, Canyon, Texas gets free oil and analysis on 5 of their vehicles. Heck of a deal. Most police departments would take any company up on that deal. No where does it say that the Texas DPS bought one quart of oil from Amsoil, before or after this test.

AMSOIL Inc., together with Dealer Jerry Criswell and the Texas Department of Public Safety, conducted a field test of its 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil and SDF Oil Filters. Installed in five police fleet vehicles, the lubricant was sampled and tested at various intervals. The goal for this particular field test included demonstrating that the use of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil for extended drain intervals would not only result in lower lubricant expenses, but also superior wear protection.
More evidence to suggest that longer drain intervals actually reduce wear. Look at those per mile wear numbers.

Seriously though, the State of Texas got ripped off here. $11 for an Amsoil filter, in bulk? Ridiculous.

More evidence to suggest that longer drain intervals actually reduce wear. Look at those per mile wear numbers.

Not necessairly. They purposely used a baseline sample to throw some people off.

The wear rate per mile in a typical 5K drain from 0-1600 will ALWAYS be higher than the wear rate per mile from 1600-5000. Why? Remember that at each oil change, there is still about 0.5 of oil leftover in the engine. Those wear metals will affect the wear metal readings in the UOA, thus, you must take those #s into consideration as well. In addition, some additive clash that may occur may drive up wear for the first few miles, plus the dry start up wear after the oil change must be considered as well.
You are correct, I missed the after the test sale. As stated above, the test was free from Amsoil. Your link is an open purchase award, meaning a one time award and has to be re-approved for each purchase.

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Are there any OUAs here where Amzoil has been used to 24000 miles and still has a TBN of 9.0?

It sure thickened up to well over a 40 weight, 13.9 cst.

The conventional oil looks more like a 20 weight at 9.9 cst.
It probably went back up to 9.0 (TBN) due to topping up.

Amazing results given that 24k miles on a service vehicle is a lot more engine hrs than 24k miles on a normal driven vehicle.
Who tested the oil, OAI?
I have to say I don't believe those numbers. TBN is too high and viscosity isn't nearly as high as we normally see it. Sorry don't buy it.

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Well buster sometimes I don't believe half the UOA's I read here. Too easy to fudge the numbers. But we are only observers.....

Besides it is possible in a more or less constantly running engine.
True....if any oil could go that distance Amsoil and Mobil 1 would be the two that could. Those numbers just look much too good compared to what we see on here.
OAI no longer does the lab work. It is done under contract by CTI, formerly Cleveland Tech.

Far as I know, they would have no reason in the world to skew results. They've been in business more than a couple weeks, and have a very decent reputation.

Oh I get it. Amsoil looks good = cheating. OK.

There are only two possibilities for any Amsoil test:

a) Amsoil will not hold up over the extended drain as claimed -- Therefore, they tell fibs.
b) Amsoil seems to hold up a little too well over the extended drain as claimed -- Therefore the data must be faked -- They tell fibs.

(Tongue planted know the rest)

Well, there sometomes is

c) Through mechanism still unknown to tribologists, Amsoil's MLM structure affects the lubricating properties of the oil. MLM's always tell fibs.

I'm not trying to pick on Amsoil. I like their products and they are the best extended drain oil. I just have a very hard time believing those numbers especially after seeing 100's of UOA's on here where Amsoil never looks that good at that mileage. No oil does for that matter.
We don't know which method was used to check TBN, If that testing facility generally reads low or high etc., how much make up oil was used or how often the filters were changed along with the fresh oil that fills them. I have absolutely no problem with those #s but I won't read too much into them either. I don't mean this to sound negetive as I do believe that Amsoil is the real deal but even skeptics can find a way to accept these results.
The price of any top up oil should have been added into the cost shown. Only the one quart with the filter change is shown.

Was the top up oil left off the chart skewing the actual cost difference?
Jerry Criswell, is a great Amsoil dealer guy but he did not close a deal for the whole Texas DPS fleet.

DPS cars are serviced locally with the actual officers being responsible to get basic repairs accomplished on the local market.

In no way was the Texas DPS police fleet vouching for or promoting Amsoil use.
Even if it is a great motor oil.

MLM well thats a whole nuther issue....
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