Moly and silicon

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May 27, 2002
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Excellent question! I haven't noticed an increase in silicon in my oil analysis results since switching to an oil with moly in it. And by the way: [Welcome!]
mt_goat, And a hearty welcome as well. Patman does it better than me. [Wink] The moly you and I use for bullet lubes is a crystalline moly that has many impurities in it, with respect to the type of moly in formulated oils. The crystalline moly sulfide is not the grade anyone would use in an oil. Labs will sell the same chemical in various grades (and purities), with the ones with the higher purity analysis costing more. The moly used in formualted oils is a different form of moly, moly dithiocarbamate, completely in solution and has a purity exceeding any other. [ January 14, 2003, 02:26 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
Hi guys, I am new to this board and am finding some great info, but have a question about the addition of moly into motor oil. I have experimented a lot with using moly for bullet lube in competition pistol shooting and found out the hard way that a common contaminate in moly is silicon, which as most of you know is very abrasive to steel. My question is has anyone found this to be a problem with moly in motor oil, either from adding it to regular oil or from buying oil with moly added already by the oil companies?
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