moly amts in redline diesel 15w40

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Jan 3, 2003
moutain country
dave at redline said there is 950ppm of moly in the diesel 15w40 oil....i told about the virgin analysis done by balckstone and his comments are that those lab results are + or- 20%
I believe him. I've seen screwy VOA results on here. My Red Line one for example from Schaeffers said over 5000ppm calcium. Where other labs have shown around 3000. Noticed same thing with other labs/VOAs as well and other additives. So it must be a (high) percentage variance and that would be why wear metals only vary a few ppm(because there is less to begin with) but additives are all over the place.
Too bad some people ingore this and draw conclusions based on one or two analysis. [Bang Head]
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