Mobile Supersyn-Reformulated?

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Jun 4, 2002
I believe Mobil has reformulated the Supersyn recently. I know flash point is not everything but a couple of months ago I distinctly remember the flash point of the either 5/30 or 10/30 to be 425 F. Now, revision date on the Mobil site of August,2002 shows the oil to have a flash point of 455 F.I am having trouble getting the MSDS on the moly they use in number 48117-6 oil which is the 10/30 Supersyn. If anyone can post this,I would be greatfull
I don't recall Mobil 1 ever having a 425F flash point actually. I always keep a close eye on those specs whenever they are changed, and I do remember that 10w30 used to be 470F and 5w30 was 455F with the SJ TriSynth. Then it changed to 455F for both when SL TriSynth came out, and also stayed at 455F for both when SuperSyn came out. But I do think they still tinkered with the formula somewhat. I think they realized their lower levels of zinc and phosphorus were not good, so they had to add the moly to help out. I just hope the early batches of SuperSyn in Canada have the moly in it! I'll wait until the last possibly moment to buy the Mobil 1 for my wife's next oil change, just to be sure I don't get an early batch.
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